2K Lab: How to Green More Catch and Shoot Shots


Once you really think about it that’s real life lol.

The only guy I find amazing even when shooting before catch is Klay.


Good to know for sure what I already expected. 2K needs to remove the penalty for holding shoot early, why should you be punished?

Think like a Wide Receiver trying to make a football move before he catches the ball. Anticipation throws off your timing.

But it’s punishing intuition, essentially. You should be rewarded for being a step ahead.

I’m shocked that anyone who has played 2K seriously doesn’t know waiting a half second before shooting improves shot making.

You shouldn’t be shocked by anything. It’s 2018 and some people don’t even know how to call a play.

True but in real basketball the unwritten rule of shooters is that you gotta plant your feet before shooting. Thats what i look at. If the guys feet arent moving and are set then ur good to shoot. That way if i miss its usually just cuz of a trash release thats my fault. I get your point though.


Real life its the B.E.E.F. acronym something I’ve taught my kids since they started shooting :wink:

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But you catch the ball before you plant your feet . . .

Lol thats what we called our high school bball coach. He head been preaching that to us since middle school so we just started callin him beef n it stuck lol

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People asked for shot meter on the floor for a reason :slight_smile: I watch hands till i get the release (appr 150 shots) than only feet.

So you dont shoot until your feet are done moving lol. It eliminates a lot of bad shots. At least in my gameplay. If ur dude is set. Before the pass comes i still wait. Anticipating the shot doesnt help. Ive done that too many times with no success to be able to tell u if ur wide open to take a half second then shoot. If ur wide open it shouldn’t matter.

You really prefer having to wait a beat for the defense to rotate? This is like pre-loading shoot for a one-timer in NHL games, it should be a feature not penalized.

I 100% agree dude. But even in hockey a one timer will be less accurate than a wrist shot. I know what ur saying though. But 2k dont give a fuck! Lol. Its really just a half second delay. Or trying to avoid anticipating the shot. Wait till the ball is at least in the guys hands before starting the animation