2K killing the longevity of 2K21 Myteam?

Has anybody considered that 2K releasing all these super packs is going to kill the longevity of the game? 2K20 is still playable because the last packs that they released NBA is Back and the GOAT packs were purchasable with MT. You can log on to 20 right now and build a GOD Squad NMS within a few hours. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to be possible with this year’s game because the no timer packs are all VC only. I know some people only buy the game every other year, some wait for a sale on the new game before they cop. How are those guys, and people in general, feeling about the direction 2K21 seems to be going.

you’re overthinking it. 2k22 comes out in little over a month.


I’m not. I specifically mentioned people who do not buy the game at launch or buy it at all, which I was considering because as a PC player we aren’t getting Next Gen versions of the game. Not to mention what I said about 2K20 occurred in the last weeks of the game cycle as well. I’m noticing a distinct difference in how both games waned down leading up to the next release.

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i definitely agree. i hate super packs in general. and the new players don’t get anything out of them NMS obviously… plus they don’t change prices etc.

but we’re gonna get those Invincible packs soon… and i’m sure we’re gonna get those token packs similar to the ones we got with Rashard Lewis, James Wiseman, etc.