2k Is Weekend/ Holiday Trash

How can a company deciding to go into the ultimate team business be so garbage during a time when most people play.
They dont work on weekends or Holidays so no Content / Promos / Packs / or shit to do. This mode is so buns on the weekends other than that stupid tournament that last a few hours. I mean these guys cant even put in more than one moment challenges (like really it could be like 10-15 in there all the time for decent prizes).
What about theme base TTO games, double ball drop weekends, more domination games added on HOF. Like this company is sad and we eat it up. I have 500k VC ( cant get back) in my account wait for Kobe but once I get him then what? Play unlimited go 11-0 and TTO but that shit gets old. I have been off work for 10 days for the holidays and every other game have took advantage of users being home with content but not 2k. They have during this time taken away players, gave out broken codes, and fucked the AH up. How are we still going through this cycle every month.


Im just there for snipes, forum and ocassional TTO game, ive spend more time watchin buubuu’s stream then playing game myself this week lol.

“24-48hrs” said by 2k 5 days ago


But we should be playing and loving the content as NBA fans.

My Team content this year is incredibly underwhelming, we only had like what, 3 promo packs and a bunch of 20th anniversary pink diamonds that were nothing but cash grabs since the odds of pulling a PD were crap. But its still kind of suprising they didn’t do more for the holidays given the fact how 2k loves to sell VC. Did they even do a Xmas sale this year?


Theyre so lazy and unmotivated that nothing would surprise me at this point.

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Can’t grind schedule challenges either. What a waste.

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If most people saw what madden does in terms of content, free shit, uber fun and rewarding challanges we’d be on suecide watch 24/7


EA is killing it on weekends in FUT too.


Its pathetic. Why even have this type of mode. I have a team full of PD and have nothing to do. This shit is such a waste

Sounds like you need a break

Do some other stuff go outside, go hoop, socialize etc

Or simply play another game

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lol madden is free shot at 450k coins every day, 50-100 quick game promos and a free 90+ overall card for completing the promos. not to mention just for offline, last year there were over 2700 games worth of offline content

lol they basically give you free power up cards, which is essentially a free 90+ overall card so you dont have to buy it. dont want to spend 350k on deion sanders, heres a 93 card bypass for grinding so much. dont wanna drop 250k on mike vick? heres a 91 overall bypass,

lol the reward for grinding the gauntlet, maddens eq of domination was sean taylor. literally you dont even have to spend money on the best card, you just gotta play

I have been playing other games. BO4 with my homies mostly but thinking of all the invested time I put onto my team to watch it waste away is sad.

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The only thing I like about the content this year is that it’s fairly predictable. We know there’s gonna be GO and PD versions of some of our favorite guys through the 20th anniversary sets so it’s easier for someone like me to pass on diamond Kobe and Shaq because I know they have better versions coming later. Don’t need to waste my MT on them now.

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