2k is so broken

Went 0-6 to start this rd I couldnt hit a shot to save my life while the other teams shot over 60 percent every game I just quit a few of those games cuz the frustration is real lol

Sold all my diamonds picked up some amy and ruby cards just faced someone with a god squad lebron.mitchell.hakeem…Bosh…kobe and I end up winning shooting 70 percent

Iman shumpert was hitting everything and dunking all over kobe lol I’m not mad cuz I won but still shit like that is retarded

I’m not stacking my squads with diamonds anymore just ain’t worth the anger of being equalized

What if you loose the next game and you shoot 30%? Will you conclude that your team is too weak and get the diamonds back? I run a diamond team consistently and go on winning and loosing streaks all the time. This has nothing to do with your cards. You’re always better off with better players, trust me.

Absolutely. After all the games I played in the equalizer experiment with lineups of every imaginable type, I had the most consistent wins with diamond lineups with a max of 1 PD. The better player usually wins in the end, as much as the truth hurts lol. Sometimes 2k blows it way out proportion, but with the exception of obvious “player engagement” games, the player that’s better at keeping momentum in their favor and making mid game adjustments gets the W.

I just made someone quit in the 2nd quarter with the amy/ruby lineup so yeah ima keep this lineup seems to be working better for me got 300+ pts for each win finally got some momentum with all the diamonds I wss just getting slaughtered it is what it is

When you get in amethyst or higher tiers, you’ll want your diamonds back lol.

I was already facing god squads in bronze and silver so it won’t matter I would rather lose with this team because I won’t be as mad

Losing with an all diamond team that you spent so much mt on is beyond annoying especially when you feel like the game is controlling you instead of you controlling the game

But I realized 2 things that most likely affected me

1- I usually try to play a traditional point guard but everyone has Gianns or tmac or lebron etc so now Ben Simmons is my pg problem solved lol

2- like the other guy said momentum is huge so I’m learning to slow the game down instead of speeding it up