2k is jokes

5’7 post scoring sharp bodying big men on the park :joy::joy::joy:


If I had the motivation to play anymore, I’d make a post-scoring SC.
Already have sharp-SC, 6’8 240 and I just bullied everyone who wasn’t a lockdown.

With post instead of sharp as secondary arch, it would be OP.
Literally unstoppable.


That shit is funny. My question is how are they letting this man get takeover mode in the first place? I’m not big on myplayer but I would think the meta still applies right?

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Yeah if you’re playing comp on the park it’s lockdowns, stretch bigs, glass cleaner most of the time but there’s some really good pg’s out here especially the sharp playmakers. I guess he most have been playing some come ups cause this is crazy

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That’s the build I always want to make, but it’s so off meta. Maybe for 2k20.

I was playing with one the other day it’s a really good build. I have a 6’8 two way shot myself so I love playing in the post easy drop steps, hop shots all that. And I just hit 94 last week so I feel like Kawhi out there lol

I got a SC Post at the 4 and his ability to score at any given time from anywhere in any way always astounds me.

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Even my sharp-SC Melo build is off the meta, but I averaged 26-3-3 with nearly 90% winrate in rec.

That’s because people are used to like 3 same dumb moves and aren’t used to playing against anything different.

If we’re talking about scoring, SC as primary takeover is by far the best one and it’s not even close.
Shooting, layups, dunks, ballc/swb, post stats. Everything gets boosted.
My player is on 96 overall and I have something like:
99 midrange
91 3pt
90 layups
85 dunks
83 ballc
80 swb
80 post stats

You simply can’t stop that. From Harden like stepbacks to euro-step dunks and post fades.
But people would rather have brainless shooting/slashing hof badges that give you way more leeway.

And my build also has def stopper for some reason.

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I have a 6’9" SF that I used all year. So fun to just mess around doing spins and fades at that size. Then dunk it or hit the open 3 when they’re not sure what to do anymore. Closest thing to a Melo build in the game

i have 6’9 sharp shot sf … sick build for everything — would be so amazing at 99 sheesh

post shot guard/forward isn’t that rare — pretty good build also

Yeah, would be able to speedbost at like 97.5 with takeover at like 70%.

Just looked at the stats, post/shot looks great except that midrange is way too low. I expected it to be 80 or so.

I do that in real life I’m almost overweight 5’9 194 lbs I can destory with post attack