2K is Dead

There are 147 people streaming 2K right now. There are 600 people streaming the original Super Mario Bros. There are 200,000 people streaming Fortnite.

Still kind of fun

I played park last night with some friends for about 2 hours and never had a break in the action. Auction house always seems to have all the cards I need or want and I never have a problem finding a supermax game. As long as those things stay constant, does it really matter how many streamers there are?


12k ppl on pc but still find the same 3-4 ppl in SM

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If you guy are on PS4 you should join Denali’s all time league

I’ve only played 2 games with my team , but way way more fun than supermax

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Until I can’t find an online opponent, 2K seems alive and well to me.


Streaming is going to ruin gaming. Fuck that shit. Now every game has a forced multiplayer, esports and go out of their way to please streamers. Fortnite only has 200k streamers because everyone boards the hype train. Coming from a battle hardened BR player Fortnite is so overwhelmingly casual it isn’t funny but the game is free and there is no alternatives on console so it blew up.

Maybe I’m a weirdo because I have a job and a life, but the time that I would spend watching a stream of someone playing a game would cut into the time I have to… play the games?


different strokes for different folks man

It’s definitely not dead. Also I think a lot of the urban community that plays it can’t be bothered to stream it.

Lol “urban”


I don’t know if that is any indication that a game is dead.