2k info has been leaked?

https://youtu.be/TliOgHpIcnc This true or naw? Also here’s a video of an ex employee of 2k https://youtu.be/dH96UQMc7PA this video shows the equalizer is a proven fact now… go at the 5:45 mark.

Something key when I read it was blowbys are less effective. :thinking:

All I seen was rep system is back :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4:


Also rumors have it that the prelude will be the same as last year…

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Also 2k has been exposed on why they have taken out rookie difficulty…

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Rookie in MyCareer was a great to exploit VC earnings. Put it on rookie and play 12min quarter’s for huge amounts of VC lol

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Yea that’s why they took it out

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As a MyTeam player, this is how i budget balled all last year. Im not a huge MyCareer player but i got my guy up to around 85 just to dominate games, bag VC and rip packs back over in MyTeam

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Lmaooo bruh I did the same shit :joy::joy:

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2k scam the hell out of us with pack odds and costs so we gotta get back at them when we can :joy::joy:


Just remember guys if you are a park player it’s always good to get the game early and take adv of the early vc glitched for example when 2k18 first came out I got hella vc off that myleague vc glitch. There’s always glitches in the first few days then they start to get patched

Worth to watch those videos?

what’s the myleague vc glitch? how does it work before it got patched?

I wouldnt read too much into the second video, exceeding next gen is heavy into nba live, alot of what he says is downing 2k to help build up nba live market, in all his videos