2k hurting?

VC is now on sale at 20% off. Last year they never put it on sale.

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their game is buggy crap and rng rip off :slight_smile:
Was hoping they fixed clutch time exists that will count as a lost game - but they did not.

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In their FY 2022 Q2 quarterly report, they state that Recurrent Consumer Spending was up 7%, whereas their guidance had been for it to be down 11% and note that this was mainly fueled by NBA 2K22. So seems that the title had been doing well.

Don’t know if this has changed. But I think also that VC has routinely been on sale here and there, at least in offers made in-game individually to players.

At least, I can remember seeing notifications that VC is on sale and rolling my eyes because it’s pretty much a fake good with false scarcity and a somewhat arbitrary price.

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Good stuff, this is the kind of information I expect an admin of a 2k board to have readily available in his mind to share with fellow forum members , def saves people some time who are interested …thanks for the insight


Well I don’t track Take Two or 2K really, but I was curious and it only take 5 minutes or so to find out stuff like this.

Would be interesting to see really granular data that they don’t even provide in their annual reports, but there are some interesting tidbits in the last one.


“Recurrent consumer spending” I think is what they call in-game purchases (of VC, in 2K). They’re saying here that it went up 73%. Assume that’s some sort of year-on-year figure, but maybe cycle-on-cycle.

And here, you can see that “RCS” is a growing proportion of revenue for them, and sale of the actual game/content is now a minority slice of their pie.

Also interesting to see net revenue from physical retail vs. digital online go from 37% in 2019 to 23% in 2020, and then 13.4% in 2021. Wonder how much of this was the move to digital online, and how much of it was due to people avoiding retail shopping during the pandemic.

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I would guess probably abit of both , but alot more because of the pandemic than anyone will care to admit imho…p.s English isn’t actually my main language , what do you mean by granular data ? As the only definition I know is in relation to soil and rocks lol

The one problem is that the chart is broken up in years and not quarters. Therefore, 2021 reflects the end of 2K21 and beginning of 2k22. It could just be that 2K21 did much better than 2K20 during the last part of the gaming cycle, which is likely when most in game purchases may take place.
Of course I might just have no idea what I am talking about.

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No you do know what ur talking about, you’re just humble … this is actually a great point that most won’t consider when looking at this chart

For whatever it’s worth, it appears that Take Two’s fiscal year runs from April 1 through March 31.

I mean more detailed data that breaks down revenue/profits from NBA 2K separate from other games, and also breaking it down by quarter, or month, etc.

Yeah it’s been ages since I have seen a VC sale. Guess Take Two needs liquid cash after spending 12 billion to acquire Zynga

it looks like sale goes on only at xbox - zero discount for PS users

Really ? That’s messed up…btw before 2k20 I feel like VC sales were always on and off…I feel like at that time I always bought packs when VC went on sale and rarely ever bought it at regular price and me and my best friend used to take turns dumping money into the game on myteam because we lived together at the time and had a franchise mode where we had uploaded realistic college draft rosters and were turning around our raptors in an age of despair almost right after Carter left and we got sick and aids infested cats in return lol those were tough times so winning a championship in 2k actually felt like an accomplishment under those circumstances lol

Ok thanks for clearing that up…I guess going by granular rocks vs regular rocks , I could’ve probably figured out that’s what u meant but thanks regardless

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