2K Hostages...freedom comes Friday (why MLB The Show is superior to MyTeam)

Like clockwork, every two years I forget how awful 2k is and I try MyTeam again because I love the team-building aspect and I love basketball. This year, once again, I was pretty quickly reminded how much ass this company sucks. If you’re like me and you’re tired of 2k’s money-grubbing, emphasis on RNG, lack of transparency, and encouragement of toxic gameplay, there’s another path that’s available starting Friday. MLB The Show is finally here. Even if you don’t like baseball, and especially if you’re on XBox where The Show is debuting and is part of gamepass FOR FREE, it’s worth checking out to see what it’s like when a gaming company doesn’t have active contempt for its customers. What you’ll enjoy with MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty:

Grinding is heavily rewarded: Last year, I grinded a mode called Showdown (somewhat similar to Spotlight Sims but IMO less mind numbing) from Day 1 and earned enough stubs (the equivalent of MT) to complete the entire Live Series collection within 6 weeks, which awarded me 99 Mickey Mantle (in addition to a ton of other useful reward cards), who was one of the best players in the game for the entire cycle. In general, grinds are 100% worth it whether it’s Events (similar to Limited, but you can sell your rewards including player cards) or the Inning Programs (similar to Seasons in 2K, but MUCH easier to complete for a high end player) or Ranked Seasons (similar to Unlimited, but you can sell the top reward cards if you make World Series). Free packs and stubs are plentiful, to the point that many in the community think you’re a god damn moron if you ever buy stubs because you can build the best team in the game without spending a dime or spending your entire waking life sniping.

Transparency: Every Thursday for 6 weeks leading up to the game’s release, San Diego Studios (SDS) has done an in depth livestream with developers on new gameplay changes and additions to this year’s game, going in depth on how they work and why they made those particular changes. Many of them are in direct response to community concerns. There’s no need for community members to build entire websites dedicated to solving the mysteries of gameplay mechanics and what ratings and badges do what. It’s all right there for you.

Less toxicity and no true game-breaking exploits: This year’s 2k is basically a contest of who can speedboost/Curry slide/karate chop the best. While it takes a certain amount of stick skills to do these things, the game doesn’t reward anything to do with having actual basketball knowledge or skill. It’s only about exploiting the trashy mechanics of the gameplay with every possession, bending them to their breaking point in order to win. In The Show, there’s nothing similar to that. There’s a true skill gap and nothing is going to save you if you can’t hit. The most toxic things you’ll deal with are people spamming high sinkers (they come in crazy fast on higher difficulties, but are far from unhittable) and bunt dancing at the plate to be dicks or distract you. These are minor inconveniences compared to what almost every game of Unlimited has become.

One Form of Currency: Having two forms of currency as 2k does (MT and VC) is a fucking scam. This only exists to get you to spend real money to upgrade your team. In The Show, there’s one form of currency (stubs). You can buy them directly. Not having VC as the very expensive middle man for the currency you can actually use in game makes a massive difference. If Mike Trout costs 300,000 stubs, you know exactly what you’d need to spend to get him right this second instead of spending money on VC and praying you can overcome the trash odds and pull a great player from packs. Think about that: one company allows you to directly buy usable in-game currency from them while the other bans you if they catch you buying the equivalent currency from other community members.

Online matchmaking: Unlimited matchmaking is based on your team overall and the tier of the best cards on your team. This is, for lack of a better term, fucking stupid. In Ranked Seasons (similar to Unlimited), you are matched up based on your ranking, which increases or decreases after every game based on whether you win. Every 100 rating points puts you in the next tier. If you make it to a 900 rating in a given season, you make World Series (only about 2% of the player base does this in an average season) and get to choose one of the elite reward cards to add to your team or sell. Every step of the way you’re playing better and better competition, and as you get into the higher ranks, the difficulty increases. It’s designed to reward the best players. What a concept!

Draft Mode (Battle Royale): I believe 2k dabbled with a draft mode a few years back and I remember people thinking the execution was terrible (what a shocker). The Show has what you’re looking for. It’s called Battle Royale. You pay 1500 stubs to draft a full team, and you’re limited to a certain number of players in each card tier (which runs from Common through Diamond). Everyone has the same roster restrictions, so the teams are always close to even. You play 3 inning games against human opponents until you lose twice. If you go 12-0, you’re rewarded with one of the rarest and best cards in the game, which you can keep or sell. You also get rewards at 3, 6 and 9 wins, plus a pack to open just for playing.

There’s even more that I’m not including because this post is long as fuck, but know that the grass is greener on the other side of the shit-filled pasture that 2k has us rolling around in every year. If you’ve got questions about The Show, I’ll answer all I can before Friday.


+Better marketplace without the auction BS that can be a con if the servers fail


Alright this sounds really intriguing for me( a new player of the MLB: The Show). So there’s likely no sniping in auctions or anything like 2K correct? If so I kinda don’t mind that tbh.
I’m not a grinder really (this season I actually tried for the Season reward harder then most and I work almost everyday)
I think if I can get used to the gameplay quick and get decent enough at it I’ll enjoy it)

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Thanks for the write up! I know baseball, but haven’t played a baseball video game in ~15 years. How steep is the learning curve to become a competent player?


Big facts. While I do enjoy sniping, flipping cards in The Show can be just as profitable and if there are server issues you don’t get totally fucked

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The learning curve to become a good hitter is honestly pretty steep. The best players use Zone hitting, which is basically you controlling your PCI (the circle in the strike zone that indicates where you’re swinging) and putting the bat on the ball yourself. On higher difficulties, this can be very hard. It adds to the skill gap but can definitely be discouraging for new players


Sniping is a bit different. You’re not going to get a 500K card for 100K, but you can consistently make stubs by flipping cards. It’s best summed up here: Complete Guide To The Marketplace In Diamond Dynasty | How Does Everything Work? [MLB The Show 21] - YouTube


I also agree as well about the one type of currency being a good thing. Why make VC only packs? Or no boxes to buy with MT?
Money wise I see it as a good business practice to 2K but not good for consumers.

I see it as a good business practice to 2K but not good for consumers.

Pretty much the 2k motto

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Wish I’d like Baseball


I forgot to add that I’m a mediocre hitter but I consistently make World Series. There is a path to be a very good player if you pitch well and are able to scrape enough runs together to win. There are way more paths to being good and even great in MLB than there are in 2k

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I don’t expect to win much online right away, but hopefully can be competent enough to win offline challenges after enough practice.


That should definitely be doable. A lot of offline challenges are on lower difficulties where your PCI is much bigger and you’ll be rewarded more for contact. The average person you play up until 700 rating or so is a pretty crap hitter, so even if you start out a bit behind the curve you can still make good progress in Ranked Seasons

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I imagine that there will be a lot of noobs like me on Xbox, too.



It’s gonna be a feast for experienced players in the early going, but it will also allow you to ease your way into things because you’ll run into a lot of people who have never played a baseball game before and have no idea what they’re doing

How are stubs compared to MT? How much is 1k stubs compared to 1k mt?

The going rate for MT varies, but it seems to often be around $10 for 100K. You also risk getting banned for buying or selling it.

Stubs are $100 for 150K and there’s no risk because you’re buying it direct. Just to reiterate, if you play with any frequency you’ll have no need to buy stubs because free packs and stubs are plentiful

Ok so basically 15k stubs are equivalent to 100k mt. It’s also 10k mt to draft a team.