2k has partially redeemed themselves

2k has partially redeemed themselves

Wait what is that tweet supposed to mean when Triple Threat Offline still can’t be played almost a week after release. :poop:

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They’re not releasing packs til the game is fixed



That twitter storm really got those lazy fucks working. I love it. I actually have enjoyed the game so far. Besides the server issues


I definitely read this wrong, I’m glad I read the comments to understand it better, I was thinking he was telling us there was no timetable for the domination reward fix

Glad to see they are doing something

They need to :

Put the reaction time buff again, it was good
Take the Steady Shooter badge out of the game. It makes open shots useless and contested shots go in way too often. Nothing is good with this badge

And of course fix servers, take care of some glitches like OOP ect

It helps nerf current cards so when later slightly better cards come out they’ll feel even better and get people to rip packs without blowing all the ratings out of control too early.

Plus Steady Shooter is a definite realistic badge, I call it the Robert Covington Badge. Dude just shoots exactly the same no matter the contest or what. When he’s bricking, he could be in an empty gym and brick, when he’s hitting Shawn Bradley, Muresan, Porzingis and Boban couldn’t stop it from going in.


I haven’t bought the game yet. I usually buy it every year on release but I have a few games right now. I’m thinking about getting it but I keep hearing stories of these bugs, progression freezing, no triple threat. Is it worth it to get the game right now? Or should I wait until stuff gets better

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get it & start grinding dom

if you have other stuff to play, or things to keep you busy, don’t buy it yet. maybe wait until at least triple threat is fixed.

I don’t want my Curry or my Bird to have a Robert Covington badge. I never take heavily contested shots. I work my ass off to create space for shooters so they get wide open shots, and I get penalized for that ? That’s bs man this badge needs to be removed, I’m hitting 30% of wide open shots with a 98 3pt rated card


This is MyTeam my guy. Anything they can use to slightly nerf a card will be used so people want the new version without the nerf.

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Yeah im keeping myself busy and don’t really fiend for 2k like I used to, is the only thing wrong with myteam the triple threat not working or is there alot more problems as well?

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But they think it’s a cool badge !

We already have badges that affects contested shots, why the hell do you create another one that nerfs open shots ? What’s the message ? Take contested shots all game long ?

TT is a big one, but imo there’s too many little problems, glitches. It’s an unfinished game.

I’m 31.6% all are wide open, and he is also missing full white middies

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The message is that certain dudes are just about as good open as they are contested. That is all.

MyTeam uses it to make certain cards play less OP so they can make them more OP later.

That should just be a “streaky shooter” badge then and given to guys like him, Tracey, J.R., Booker, Murray, Young. Not elite all time great shooters


Again, this is MyTeam. I can almost guarantee PD Curry won’t have it