2k has no basketball logic at all

Player was Richy_Rich2013 PG13 and granger at point and Opal wilt so is either a big spender or plays nonstop and spammed pnr/pnf all game. How did I only get 5 free throws and he shot 11 plus 21 threes while out scoring in the paint by 20 points?

Hard to tell without seeing the game or players, but maybe you spammed the steal button more? Or maybe he defends at a high level without fouling? If neither then it could have been lag or equalizer.

He ran straight into Pd Kareem and every time got a foul. They even made me foul Marc gasol on one of the times I was able to contest the fade out the pick. I beat him off the dribble then I’ll get an animation but never for a foul and the shot would get blocked

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I believe 2k has adjusted the sliders gameplay feels different since the this weekend

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I haven’t played much lately but this just didn’t make sense to me as it shows I attacked the basket more and he was never in the bonus. And yea speed boosts are here now

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This makes sense. Gameplay felt different for me too. I couldn’t defend anyone last night. Everyone seems faster.

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It’s a computer program…

I would say that this game is more fun than NBA Jam and that’s saying a lot…unfortunately it’s about as realistic as NBA Jam.

Your posession time is very low tho.
You have to keep te ball longer and play more organized, are you sure you didnt rush on offence?

I had a lot of fast breaks and I beat people off the dribble pretty easily

I was just watching some highlights… and I know this is an all-star game but it did remind me of how myteam is played

Well it looks to me that he just was more efficient in his shot selection. 3>2, you both made the same amount of shots but he had 8 extra points off 3 pointers and 4 extra points off free throws. Also looks like he did well not fouling you while you attacked the paint all game. Only 6 3pt attempts is pretty low these days.