2k got xbox dudes by the balls

ljk006 selling MT at the rates that usually go near the end of the game span. 2k banned bunch of dudes and rest got scared like a little mouses bar few brawe ones.

Its doubtful they will be banning people again as this was more of once power/scare of move.

Even so, at worst you will get 2 week ban and be able to keep MT/cards.

Its fashinating to see how dudes tell: splashed 100$ worth packs got nothin’ , yet to scared to buy MT, im like? Ok.

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Yea, and MT is super easy to get right now because of something to do with VC. I don’t even snipe and can get hundreds of thousands of MT each week.


You could literally generate unlimited MT if you had that time lol

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Yah man i understand people who already got tons of MT, but im speaking about the ones who splashing tons upon tons of VC and when you ask them why dont you just buy MT they tell you too scared of ban.

Ars gotton cry

Ya then the seller gets $ and splashes it on VC when big promos drop

Dunno, i never bought VC to turn into MT, but thats besides the point of original poat. Its not like you get guaranteed good drops thru boxes, usually quite opposite.

True but the glitch makes it so you can buy literally every day. Maybe it’s just my luck but I get like a diamond 1-2 days


Because of glitch I pulled drazen yesterday and dwight today

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What glitch that’s what I wanna know lol

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Prolly the endorsement Vc one

Are you pulling the guaranteed?

Share the glitch :thinking:

I pulled 5 guaranteed singles and got dwight 3rd pack. Got drazen 3rd pack yesterday too

How is that a glitch?

Aight I’m about to pull 5 Guaranteed packs with Mt of both throwback and high flyers

Something to do with MyCareer.

Nice, I remember yesterday cause I ended up pulling Jefferson on 3 after you said that.

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YouTube cc endorsement glitches. Hundreds of videos out lol

didn’t they ban people for using it?