2K Giannis Antetokounmpo is too much

This card might be the fastest card in the game at 6’11 with 8ft wingspan player model.

2k tried to nerf offball this year but any Giannis card can make offball effective. with his ogre player model, crazy speed & lateral quicknes he can just shut-down player 1 while guarding player 2. you can always make your oponnent think twice before making a decision on offense that can enliminate his soul.

he is not a great defender, he is defence.


Too small, not even 7ft


This photo I made confused me, KP is 7’3, Giannis 6’11, both seem to have same height player models. Maybe that’s the reason why he’s so good at PF and grabs every board.


I wish 2k would delete giannis, Ben Simmons, and any 7’6+ big. Or SEVERELY limit them.

Fuck George murhesans ugly ass

This is why I always fall on Giannis as the best overall card. Not only is he still the best at going to the basket, has a very makeable release and is great at straight up defense, but he allows you to play a form of defense unavailable to every other card. It’s just that the community at large isn’t dedicated to exploiting the card, so people forget about him every time a new pack comes out.

Giannis is probably the hardest card to duplicate with another card. Lebron maybe second, because of position locks. Every other card is a good card that is comparable to other good cards that do the same job differently.


I’ll never go into a MTU game without Giannis on my team.

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2K really screwed up Giannis in-game. He has such amazing irl speed and agility for that size, so 2K got lazy and gave him Manute Bol arms. He really does look ridiculous in the game. Of course he is wickedly effective…lol

I swear my sl giannis feels nerfed


This right here…

but he allows you to play a form of defense unavailable to every other card.

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“Oh buddy you thought that open corner pass was gonna work” lmao if you know you know


I haven’t used him since the old diamonds. I don’t want to get bad habits from using giannis this year.

I feel like he makes me worse, relying on how OP he is.

Giannis the most OP player in sports gaming history.


2004 mike Vick wants a word


Idk I’ll take Giannis.

I did abuse Mike Vick in madden too tho.


You took the words out my mouth lmaooo…that Vick was CRAZYYY


Curry is bigger than MJ…2K be on some shit all the time.

Vikings Randy Moss too

Liking the jerseys bro

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Ya Giannis, Ben and offball D are a joke. I dont use either of those players or tall centers and play on ball simply because I want to get good at the game…I dont want to be bowling with bumpers in the kiddy lanes.

I want to get into myplayer, but I cant grind my dude up and I am not a social gamer in the sense that I dont like to make friends with strangers online. So for me playing MyTeam in the manner I do is the best solution.

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Roenick in NHL 94
Vick in Madden 04
Giannis in 2K20
Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl
Jose Canseco in RBI Baseball

that’s the pantheon