2k gave away those cards for free

Click bait alert! :smiley:
Getting Westbrook made me think what sort of lineup we could built with the cards 2k gave for free or almost for free (time spent). Without spending a dime on VC or MT we could build such a lineup. Let me know if I missed any players. Order of the players is random.


McHale and Jack Marin?


This is what I imagine my NMS team would look like, but it’s way worse.


I was thinking about unlimited cards but they are not obtainable for most guys. Marin could be added for sure.

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could say the same for level 40 rewards but fair enough haha

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Level 40 is time consuming. 68 wins? 12 in a row? Skill based :wink:

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If you can’t win with that squad, then it’s your fault

Dischanger isn’t given away. It is taken by force.


Ok you caught me. I created this thread just to infuriate guys who haven’t got the dentist yet. :smiley:


I am triggered :joy:

You still don’t have him?

Nope, 330 games :cold_face:

And what exactly made you think you could stop that ttoffline grind? Back to the grind homey!

Terry isn’t free. 629 games and nothing.


I may have missed something - i thought to get kawhi u need xp, to get xp u need to use a bunch of different cards, to get those cards i need either vc or mt.

You can do those challenges without buying EXPENSIVE CARDS. :slight_smile:
Last season there were challenges worth more than 250k exp. You need 150k to get the reward.

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I’m starting to get just as pissed about Marin as I was Dischinger. 12th board, finally see him, I do the ball save trick so I had 14 (!!) fucking chances to get him, NOTHING. It’s almost worse than the Terry grind at this point.

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I will go for him till the end of the season. I don’t have him as well. GL man

What’s the ball save trick? Been playing ttonline and I want Jack.

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And luck based also. I get error codes while waiting for a match up quite often and it gives me an L everytime it happens. I also sometimes have my opponent quit mid game and it gives me an L. It has sabotaged many 12-0 runs. I play on a PS4 PRO.