2k gamer 20 man fantasy basketball league (with prizes)

2k gamer 20 man fantasy basketball league (with prizes)

Scoring and 3pt shooting

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Covington and something for Wiggins?

Lemme think

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I’m thinking if i need a guard or a center lmao

You got something in mind??

Galloway, Morris, Barton, Len, Diop and Damian Jones all available. I can do 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 or even 4 for 1 ! Don’t hesitate to send me some offers!


PF/C Ibaka
PF Millsap
SF Wiggins
SG Reddick
PG Garland

All Available
I could do
2 for 1
3 for 1
4 for 1

Me hearing Wiggins on the block:

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Hahaha lmao :rofl:

You going to get him?

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Maybe, not sure mate.

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I’ve send you that trade from the yesterday, maybe you changed your mind, its a good ass deal and you know it :sweat_smile:

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Hahaha I think I need Steals and Assists at this point.

Up. Up. :rofl:
Need a Center or A Point Guard

I’m dying to make a trade :sweat_smile:

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I hope Baynes Plays Today Haha

Just Saw @smithboys1 Added and Dropped.
Kevin Garnett from the Free Agency lmao
How is that Possible :rofl:


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Send you an offer.

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