2K fix Limited Vince Carter

Please…no excuse for such an expensive card to be missing personality badges the unlimited version has. Pathetic.

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Which ones ?. If u link this to twobrothersgaming and beluga on twitter they might change it

Gotta go tell that dude ak47 arm length is the same as kd’s in real life

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Tell em kd is not 6 foot 9 either lol


Yeah They changed jokic’s height… dont see why not kd’s

Hardened most importantly and I think floor general…a couple others.

Can you do it for me haha? I suck at Twitter.

Come on…he is THE Raptor.

@ItsShake4ndbake can you say anything about Limited Carter missing personality badges compared to the unlimited?

PD Grant Hill also has no personality badges and one of his other cards has like ten.

The pd vince limited not having the same personality badges is def weird. I can take a look and see what i can do tomorrow

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his player model also looks smaller than the diamond vince carter for some reason

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I played a TTO game with him, Drexler and Roy earlier and he seemed the biggest out of the three which I was surprised by.

What did they change?

The Limited Vince is missing some personality badges…I know for sure hardened and floor general.

Hardened I think makes it so that guys perform better when tired.

I’d be interested to see what some park guys think of these personality badges from earning them on their players.

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Wow I never thought these personality badge were that useful. Aside from championship DNA to see double teams.

That makes sense why the pd lim always gets tired quick

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I literally didn’t know personality badges did anything. Thought they were just fluff

I’m thinking they do something…probably small but something because you grind them out for your myplayer.

Definitely should lobby to fix grant hill

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I’m hoping it’s a visual glitch and the badges are active.

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