2K Contest System Updated, Shows Percentage Instead Of How Lightly Or Heavily Contested A Shot Is

Celebrity was playing an early build of the game and it shows 37% Covered Instead Of Lightly Contested Like now


Wow that’s great!


Can’t wait for my opponents to splash 99% covered in my face


Stupid imo. How do you give a % on a contest? Whats a 95% vs 100%. Is 100 even possible? 2k trying turn this into some BS numbers game. A heavy contest is a heavy contest. End of story.

This is good. Can’t wait to see the % contest of what my running closeouts amount to since all they do is get splashed on anyway.

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You do know this is a video game and under the hood it is all a numbers game even if they don’t show you, right? I think more transparency is a good thing.


This is all about ESports. 2k trying to make this game into something needing “skill”. Dont be transparent. Its a basketball game. Why are we trying to make things automatic?

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Man what are you even saying.


Remember who you’re talking to all he does is shits on other people teams and be negative about 2k, waste of time so don’t drag it out

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Wow great improvement just appr. 9 months late lol.

If they really want to make the game competitive and Esports based, heavily contested shots should NEVER go in. I’m well aware they do in the real NBA, but I’m playing the game to control the outcome myself. If I can do everything in my power to stop a shot by registering a heavy contest, and it STILL goes in, why am I playing the game?

All this change will do is piss people off even more when heavily contested shots inevitably drop.



This system will only serve to piss me off more. It’s like how in gears 4 it tells you the percentage of damage you felt per shot and how much it took to kill you. That percentage will just make me lose my mind

I think it won’t change shit. I think it will just give us level of contests

Under 5% = Wide Open
5-30% = Open
30-60% = Lightly Contested
60-100% = Highly Contested

It makes sense. A lot of people have been complaining about how vague the contest system is for years and this is a perfect solution. I also think it’ll make contested shots that go in make more sense. A lot of guys think you should miss yellow contests, but if a number shows you 40% contested instead,it automatically correlates to being a light contest in your head. Numerically you understand, that’s not enough. It’ll also help players get better at closing out/choosing when to shoot. You use a player enough and you begin to get a feel for exactly how much space they need for decent shot.

Maybe they will finally give us the pack odds %

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Fixed that for you

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What im saying is all these numbers and %s are a BS way of creating a “skill gap”. Has anybody ever contested a shot irl and even thought about giving it a %? The game should be and needs to be somewhat vague.

Computers are not vague things. They need numbers to perform calculations on. 2k is just showing you this number now. Not a hard concept.

We shouldnt be seeing the numbers. Thats my point. Just play basketball. Theres shouldnt be an attempt to justify everything from a %s standpoint.