2k community what's your interest?

What type of videos, are you guys/girls most interested in? Like do you like to search for pack opening videos, sniping videos, gameplay videos, or tutorial videos? I personally Like the gameplay videos and the tutorial videos. I can’t get why pack opening videos are so popular when you just watching someone else open packs.:unamused:

I only care for animations videos

it would be nice for a youtuber to just take the card into freestyle and show each animation…should take less than 3 minutes

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Don’t watch pack openings at all as it’s pretty much the same reactions over and over again for every YTer

I mainly watch card reviews. Often I’ll watch the YTer talk about the card in the menu, and then continue on watching if they go into freestyle (best way to get a look at their animations). I’ll then watch like 1-2 minutes of gameplay (never ever a full game) and then their final thoughts on the card. Saves a lot of time skipping over the majority of the gameplay

I also like series videos, like 'blank’s Legacy* or ‘Spin The Wheel’-type videos, as I like to see content creators set difficult challenges for themselves

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i do the same thing for reviews, and then i watch htb’s and dbg’s nms just to see what they can do