2k community logic

So I’ve taken pride in my ability to play sim style basketball in 2k and do pretty well. This dude was out of his mind. He’s messaging me rn saying I have 99 bron and still choose to play cheesy like that. This dude straight up said he’ll 5 out me and I’m the one cheesing? I proceeded to beat him by 20. Lol


What I’ve learned from 2k18 is everything is cheese to someone that is losing lol.


Let the record show, i never double teamed or triple teamed however the hell you do that, and I off balled on PNR’s and when I thought he’d be passing to someone who I was allowing him to think was open. I also did inbound steal but who doesn’t? This man is wild.

It makes no sense when people razz for running plays. I get messages like that all.the time . I just tell them to play some more domination if they cant handle the heat LOL

Sim style died with Sims4. :grin:

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I love when someone irate messages me, I always message the other person win or heartbreaking loss and say GG and most people just say it back but every once in a while you have someone on a bad day who rants xD

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Gonna be honest and say that I hate opponents that go for the inbound steal after scoring. Something about it triggers me for some reason. Lol I intentionally throw the ball towards the defender almost every time they do that. I feel like it’s trying too hard if that makes sense. Nothing wrong with going for inbound steals if it’s a close game in the 4th but I just can’t tolerate it in the first 3 quarters. shrug

After a guy beat me the other day attempting one every time and getting zero of them I said gg do you ever actually get the inbounds, he just laughed and said sometimes

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When people do that all game I tend to stop trying. The game shouldn’t be that serious imo so I kinda just say F it and throw in the white towel. Lol video games are supposed to be fun and not stress inducing!

I actually will either wait 4.5 seconds while he flails around like an imbecile, or throw an alley-oop from out of bounds (if my inbounder is a good passer). I’ve completed at least a dozen this year, and can only remember failing once of my last 4-5 tries.

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I’ve turned psn messenging off. The community is annoying asf


This. I turned off messages AND made a new PSN just so people would stfu

Guys he is still messaging me. This is insane.

This is why I turn off messages on PSN except friends. I use to get these random messages all the time even when I lose, it was absurd.

I just get this logic. Are we supposed to play on ball all game and not run any plays ? Cuz thats super realistic lol

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I was told to “just play” by a guy who said I play spammed. He fast breaked and PnR alllllllll game

Sim players that know 4+ money plays are so hard to play against. Most fustrating type of people lol

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I just find it funny when i can run the same play again and again and the opponent just lets it keep happening and doesnt off ball or play any sort of d to stop it .then complains about it after. Not my fault u cant see plays developing. Anytime i see that magic quick horns flare play i smile. Because i know exactly how to stop it everytime. You get burned enough and you adjust. Apparently these bums cant LOL


Yeah i started spamming the quick 4 3pt play and taking a dunk instead of the 3. Dude off balled on his center to cut the dunk off and i’m legit laughing cause theres no one to stop the 3