2k community in a nutshell

Currently winning against some guy 55-25 in the 2nd quarter and he’s spamming all his timeouts and letting them run down the full timer. Why do people waste their time doing shit like this? I will never understand. Anyways… only 2 more timeouts to go lmfao, then he will probably use his pause timer as well.
Edit: and his team name is DEADBABIES, seems like a great guy.


The worst is when after they run out, they do hold for 24 seconds

First four words had me sketch af.

We’re on to the pause timer now, 1 minute left lol.

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Yeah you right definitely suspect.

When they go afk, go out of bounds with your players and wait for him to get some 5 second violations calls, after that the game will give you option to quit&win

I don’t want to lump the 2k community as a whole in with people like this. I believe this is behavior that spans across all video games of different genres. There is always a toxic bunch. My advice is don’t let them get to you. Try to ignore it and finish your game and block/mute the people who act this way.

This guy did the same thing I didn’t understand wasn’t even up too much

I might be wrong, but weren’t you the one who posted “#BePetty” a couple weeks ago? lol


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My question for you though: were you cheesing it? If you were, he was probably trying to piss you off to get back at you for pissing him off. (Or he might just be a sore loser.)

Everyone gets mad at everyone else in the game for whatever “cheese” they don’t like/do. I get it, it sucks. I try not to let it piss me off, but sometimes it does.

Honestly, there is nothing that drives me crazier than when my opponent is doing that ball denial shit on the inbound after scoring (esp w/ Giannis). And especially in a game of TTO if the dude is clearly gonna win @ 19-12 or so. Drives me up a wall. (I get that there are ways to punish these guys, and I often do. But when they are doing every cheese in the book AND this ball denial shit in TTO I will definitely #BePetty and pause their ass for 3 minutes.)

Edit: and if I do this, I walk away and use the restroom or get a drink or take my dogs out. I sure as hell ain’t sitting there for it.

Nah I don’t do that shit man it’s not fun for me. I worked the post with Hakeem and killed magic with my arenas, dude just couldn’t play defense, hence the score being so lopsided.

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I gotcha. Clearly a sore loser. I fully support your frustration. Ppl do need to learn how to take L’s better in this game.

Yeah I don’t get it, if I’m getting smacked that bad I just quit and move on to the next game.

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The difference is your an adult who values your time , your opponent is a kid who has too much of time