2k changed the MTU timer ! Wtf

Man I’m playing for a customer lost game 9 earlier and they just changed the damn timer from 24hrs left to 10 hrs left

Scum bag shit man

They did that shit like every month last year. You can’t honestly be surprised.

They would frequently extend it last year. Never shorten it.

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Lmao actually glad i havent been playing 2k

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Based on Robby’s tweet i got the impression that they were extending it…

Read the convo

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“Stay tuned we’ll make it even harder for you.”

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I looked at the timer it says 10 hrs left but if they do cool I hope so I’m not ready to start grinding tmr

Does anyone know who it is yet? Probably baron Davis based on someone getting matched up with a dev and having him?

Are you for real? I am sitting at 6-0 and wanted to make one last push tomorrow…
If they really do this I will be pissed… There is no fkn reason to do it, especially this late. They could’ve done it a week ago.
However, I thought the timing was weird because for me the countdown ended Oct 1 20:00 or sth like that.

yea man i paniced but tbg responded to someone saying extend so hopefully they extend

That would be sweet!! Because I am one good player with a god squad/weird disconnect away from loosing out on Bird entirely.