@2K...Can We Change the TTO Court?

In the name of all that is Holy please change the TTO court.


I know right. At least give us the option to not play on a shitty black light poster from Spencer’s.


It’s fitting for all the full court sprinters bc it looks like a level from sonic.


Two years straight of looking at that Casino background…should have never let it happen,

what do you mean? Are u talkin bout that galaxy TTO court?
I dont want 2K letting us customize the court cuz SO MANY mothefuckers using toxic images and colors


I would like a few random backgrounds like a fighting game. For sure the playground outdoor courts and a rec center type court. Anything other than this casino galaxy court. Last years was heaven compared to this.

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3 options:

  • Traditional Rec style court
  • Outdoor playground park style
  • Whatever you wanna call the abomination we currently have

The current one is like a nightmare at this point.

Few options that are randomized would be something. Just mix it up.

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How long could it possibly take to make a half dozen cool courts to play on? With the amount of TTO games people play, a little variety would be nice. I don’t get shit like this.

Blacktop was lit :fire:

This X 1,000,000

They still give us the same parks. This company is as lazy as it gets

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they should’ve kept last years huge court.

3v3 was done best in 2k16 in terms of gameplay and looks I would take generic court from 19 anytime tho.