2K Banning for earning VC via Mycareer instead of buying it

2K Banning for earning VC via Mycareer instead of buying it

I have a second account that I was mindlessly doing mycareer with, keep in mind this is on a second console… 2K Banned me for earning VC on this second account, buying myteam cards, and stacking VC/MT… I never sold MT or did anything shady with this account, or even this console.

Keep in mind I planned on moving the MT to my account later… but i didnt actually do it. So… at this point the only thing I did was have like 300k VC/300k MT saved up. The cards packs i bought in Myteam, i sold everything right away.

I appealed it and they didnt unban me… I didn’t do anything wrong besides use mycareer to earn VC and store currency. I played lowest minutes/800VC contract, and zero stats per game… And for some reason thats worth banning… for actually playing the game. I never did anything to break the terms of service, even if i planned to… Its like arresting somebody for thinking about a crime

/end rant


Farm accounts are against TOS unfortunately

And how do they know its a farm account if I never did anything with it besides buy card packs and sell at low bid? Its against the rules to earn the currency by playing the game? That is logical?

I’m not saying it’s right. It’s incredibly dumb. For all they know it’s your brother or friend on the account

You gotta pay to play the game.

At the end of the day via their TOS they can ban anyone for any reason to their discretion if you really read through it, You set up a farm account to then transfer MT both are against TOS. They have programs to sniff out this stuff and ban it

Yeah man i get it… but i didnt actually do anything to show it was a farm account at that point. So you are saying people can’t play mycareer during a movie or something to earn VC? that equals a permanant ban? I get your side too… but u cant ban somebody for thinking its something… u ban somebody for actually doing it

If they don’t want farm accounts why do they allow you to negotiate a 0 minutes contract on my career? :thinking:

i was able to consistently get 5 mins/810 VC seasons

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They see your main account and this account on the same IP and can detect that you are using it to just then farm MT points, even if you dont transfer its obvious

Like someone posting a bunch of cards for odd prices, they typically are buying MT theres programs that search this out


ok still… im banned for playing the game without doing anything actually wrong.

I guess this is where i drop it bc this game is dumb af and go play something else lol

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I mean I dont blame ya lol but once again im sure they could make a case for saying you were using the account to accrue MT and playing on another which to their standard is the definition of “farming” even if you arent doing anything with said crops

Their TOS is very open ended to their favor to make sure they arent liable to lawsuits/legal action of any kind

Wait you can still do that?

I don’t know, this guy was doing it

I’m surprised 2k actually told why they banned you. Usually it’s an open and shut case

Tell em it’s your baby brothers account

they dont care. And of course u can make VC from my career, even if u do shit, u still get the contract VC

They didnt tell me why, most generic reply ever… but this is all i did on this account and xbox, its could literally be nothing else…

OK so you’re just guessing. 2k usually has good reason for bans, and we’re just hearing one side of the story.

I literally did nothing else on the gamertag or xbox, its completely separate from my main. There is literally nothing else.