2k 19 app

some people have the app and i looked it up on the app store and is not there

it is but just search 2k and click on them should show up
also guys someone tweeted a jordan GIF who i thinks at the event… Hmm does this mean rec center??

thanks bro

np. also hope we can enter the locker code tomorrow when servers go up

No more seasons? Weird

Is that mynba2k19 app you talkin about?


we may get some news tonight for lots of the game and tomorrow as well cant wait

cant find the app, even when i type 2k :frowning: maybe because im EU ?

Thanks for the heads up. Downloading it now

are you on iphone or android?

You got Android or Apple?


Search MyNBA2K18, Go down until you see 2K catalog of games, Click more and MyNBA2K19 should be at the bottom


Anybody here has a team?

Found it, thank you so much dear sir.

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For Apple Owners

No problem. That seems to be the only way to find the app o Android the last 3 versions

For Android Owners
The MyNBA 2K19 app is also available for Android devices https://t.co/p9ni2YWlEy

Is auction back or nah ?