28/04 Playoff game day topic

Celtics @ Bucks
Rockets @ Warriors

Bucks and Rockets


very excited for rockets game



Klay is doubtful?
Considering that they are well rested, Rockets have to take this one.

Bucks will win easily.

both Klay and Steph hobbled.

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gordon or tucker on kd?

no idea honestly, think they gonna use loads of body on him, not just one guy.

Some great ball going to be played today.

Gotta go with the Bucks and Rockets though. Don’t see GSW getting past HOU this time around.

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I thought the same. Since apparently he will be the only real threat on offense, they can focus everything on him

I think PJ takes Durant. He’s a big body that you can throw at Durant. It’ll be a fun matchup though. Houston HAS to steal this game if Klay/Steph are out/injured.

Bucks, I believe, will have a field day with the Celtics.

Celtics will annihilate with extreme prejudice

Giannis is just waking up from a night of Baynes-based nightmares

Dubs in 6.

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As much as I want the Rockets to win this series, I doubt they will win it all.

We have yet to see Harden step up a in big series like this one. Until I see otherwise, I don’t have much faith in the Rockets winning this series

However, I do think the Rockets will take Game 1

Looking at it now, there’s some overrated teams in this second round.
Based on their performance so far, ofc. Not saying they can’t improve.

Blazers beating OKC who didn’t even try to exploit the basic fact that there was not a single good bigman defender on Blazers. And they imploded in their usual fashion. With PG playing injured whole series long.
Nuggets beating really inconsistent Spurs. The only great performer in that series was Jokic. Everyone else was an inefficent chucker. Especially Murray.

Those two teams are by far the weakest ones left. Wouldn’t win against anyone else.

Celtics and Sixers overrated by their fans based on beating young Nets and Oladipo-less Pacers.

Harden being his usual inefficent self in the playoffs. Still, rest of the team looks great. But if he doesn’t get it together, they won’t win vs the Warriors.
Warriors who look really vunerable and were never weaker.

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Call me crazy y’all, but is it crazy to say that Harden’s legacy is on the line here?

He has a golden opportunity to take down the Warriors at their most vulnerable state. If he doesn’t win this series, then I find it hard to put him over the likes of Wade, etc.

Imo, it’s his last chance to get rid of “choker in the playoffs” label.
2015, 2017 and even last year when his percentages plummeded vs the Warriors.

Now everyone on his team is playing great and Warriors have big injury trouble and their bench is non-existant.
If Harden doesn’t deliver again, case for him not being a choker is over.
He doesn’t even have to win the series, just deliver a great performance.


True Harden has to play great, but I think him blowing a golden opportunity to eliminate the Dubs in 2 games (in the WCF last year) will tarnish his legacy forever (unless he wins a championship or two).

I’m telling you if it was LeBron, Kobe, and especially MJ in that position in the WCF last year, they’d for sure not go down the way Harden did for those 2 games.

1 : If he’s on the court, Baynes will defend Brook Lopez

2 : If Baynes is strong enough to contain Giannis in the post, Giannis is way way way too fast for Baynes to stop his penetration