2600 / 2900

Took me 4 days (!!) to climb from 2500 to 2600… Heat Checks were very cheap, relative to past prices, due to the locker codes and I got most of the EVOs I didn’t have because of the superpack, but it’s getting VERY tough… I’m down to 600k and it just doesn’t feel like there is any place for me to target now… Here’s my current breakdown:

Current: 430/431
Current Series 2: 443/446
Heat Checks: 434/441
Moments (Specific tab): 9/47
Rewards: 279/554
Premium: 346/610
Historic Uniforms: ALL
Miscellaneous: 317/322

Honestly, this last push will be insane… I’m 50 away from Sabonis. Heard he’s a solid card, so I’ll be excited to add him.

From my last post, I saw some big jumps for quite a few of you guys, from the low tier to close to 2,000! Insane jump. Be ready though! The road ahead is very bumpy…



Getting there, the jump from 950 to Pippen I did too quickly and now I’m going to take a break from collecting for a few days unless there is a heat check code.

Are you missing many offline cards?

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That’s the next step, unfortunately. Not the biggest offline fan, but I need to force my way through. Maybe 1/4 the way through Historic Domination, so there’s an extra 40ish cards for just playing.

What about the spotlights?

I have most of the game 1 cards, but only have a few of the game 5 challenges done lol

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I think there is around 80-90 cards to be had throughout all the spotlights. Hell of a grind though

With these decades packs, I’m hoping I can secure all the diamonds and under that I do not have. Will make a dent in my MT, but hopefully I can make some decent progress.

I am 57 cards away. Everything cost 50k or more now, unless i wanna grind spotlights… ugh

You’re so close! Ridiculous pricing to be honest. Grinding the first five games of Spotlights might not be THAT bad after Domination is complete.

I am finding it so demoralising, I cant find any cheap cards, its taking me an hour or so to get one or two cards at a decent price.

I dont want to go trigger happy with buyer at higher prices as I then wont make it

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I completed Domination. So yeah. I might just buy some MT on this next card drop, pay overinflated prices, then sell everything lol. Alot of these PD prices have gone down with the decade packs tho

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What did everyone pay for heat check cards if you bought them recently? They seem so expensive! I’m just over 2,000 cards, but I have essentially no heat check cards. I think I could push to Sabonis relatively easily if I bought heat checks and finished up current and series 2 (probably 125 cards left between the two).

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On xbox at the moment 3,500 seems like a good price for most. Any less is a steal

I’d buy every one for 3500 right now if I could. There are just so few on the market.

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Yeah, I understand that. I’ve been targeting cards and trying to get them at a respectable price because you can’t just say “only x MT per card” when you reach a specific point.

Dang. Not looking forward to that when I get there…

Last week I was able to get 150+ for 2,000 or under.

I‘m exactly in the same boat. 80 cards away from sabonis - ~20 games of historic domination left &
Only finished one historic spotlight. I’m going to start grinding next week in and hope it’s gonna take me just next to wade after I’ve finished the whole spotlights and stuff :smile:

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How? That would be great. Xbox?

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When they drop the preorder heat check packs or for the daily login bonus the supply is bigger.

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It’s going to be an offline-mode grind fest at this point lol

Yup. Xbox. They had released a locker code that contained Heat Check rewards as a possible item. Just was picking them up on the low all day.

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Reminds me on the last days grinding for Giannis last year.
And I’ve sworn myself never grinding challanges ever ever again :smile::smile::smile:

But yeah , here we go again. Plus I had a 3-4 month break from 2K just came back last week and decided to get the „collector level“ done.

Have fun browdie

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