$250k tournament Post your squad

$250k tournament Post your squad

Post a pic or comment the squad you’re planning to use for tomorrow’s $250k tounament qualifier.

Here’s mine, I’m struggling on my last 3 spots and I don’t think I’ll have time to evo Terrance Ross in the morning, so may go with another SG there, wilt played big like smits, Artis or mureasahn so I was think of removing Gilmore since KG has PF/C eligibility. If I drop Artis was considering adding Another SG/SF, or maybe a PG since stamina has been nerfed to shit! What do you guys think?


How’s wilt?

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He’s animal dude, I’ve never legit shut mureasahn down. I’ve won against him plenty, but he still usually gets his. I held him to 4 points and dropped 39 17 and 6 with wilt. I also dropped 40 on ruby wilt with him. Those were the only two unlimited games I played with him in. He’s the best scorer, defender and rebound at the 5. Worth every penny!

I have ewing & MUT,
Just hesitant on spending over 200 on him.

His post animations are crazy! His speed is double most centers, and he has a Hittable post fade. The thought of shooting a 3 never even crossed my mind, but I’ve been using smits, Gilmore and Garnett at the 5 most of the year now.

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Is it the same as last year where lesser overall squads get more points for a win than stacked ones?

Not supposed to be who knowz

:speaking_head: “D-:construction:!”

*Hondo will be diamond.


I dont think I got time to try today but wish everyone here luck


Garbage on offense but he can guard Muresean because of his steal rating.

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It’s crazy how two people can feel so differently about the same card. If you run 5 out wilt is not your guy.

I play some game with him. He was meh in the post and miss too many layups. I wish he had his other player model and not skinny Wilt.

I have diamond Jerome in my squad, but i want to sell him. When is the best time to start auction?

Edit: nevermind, listed him already.

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mason is a diamond

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Put it up around 6-9 and not end it at 12:00

16 minutes until the cheese fest.

Diamond Cousy
Amy wade
Ruby Lebron
Amy Rudy Tom
Amy KG

Amy Kidd
Amy Mason
Amy Shane
Diamond Mcadoo
Amy parish

Amy Frye
Amy pippen
Amy Rodman


Just wanted to wish everyone going for it today good luck!!!



i really like this team. defense and shooting. Rudy T. is nasty as well. i really like that card.