250k to who can beat the Servers

Billion Dollar Company with Trash Servers. I’m taking a Walk

Bro your enemy da landlord is #1 you have to stop him

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2k could only stop me

In Ariana we trust

Im 4-0 but just got stalled by some loser with a giant trump logo on his court

Hoenstly fax

Timeout shouldn’t be allow in the qualifer and they need to fix the servers(I know will never happen)

I thought the glitch was fixed?

Yeah, 2K tweeted that was fixed.

Of course, it seems not fixed.


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Took a Walk. Came back with this


Hey just beat some guy with a better team raged out 3rd quarter only got 128 points does anyone know if Terrell Brandon is apart of a set or sumn? If he isnt please let me know I’d rather not waste my time tryna get top 500

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Thirsty ?

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2-1 won’t lie this was fun. Lost to some bullshit budget squad.

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Extremely thirsty . I bought a blueberry icee Bagel and Gum as well. 2k took all my energy

Na no set

Bet no need for me to try then since I won’t get top 4 and I’m not gonna use a 5’11 player

Went 3-1. Ran into a 2-3 Zoner that I couldn’t break lol.

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@Carlo221 play me before I sell my squad

Budget squads are the ones that scare me

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Yup Lillard Klay Butler Giannis Towns

Lillard is a clamp god somehow and Towns doesnt miss