250k Qualifier Round 3 Dec 14th Lineups Discussion

Who’s playing and who will be streaming? Drop your stream links here.

I work every Saturday it sucks lol

Are you playing at all still chedd?

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I’m gonna give it a go this Saturday see what happens. I got so pissed last year the first weekend had 4 wins and got a disconnect bs error up 17 on the fifth game and never tried it again. I’m ready to be disappointed again this weekend.

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no I don’t have the game and unfortunately the twitch comp has been so dead compared to 2k18 and 2k19 that I have barely watched any streams. But I still have interest in tuning into these qualifiers as there is so much on the line it makes things interesting.

I pop into @Carlo221 stream from time to time to troll but thats about it

Best of luck to everyone here on Saturday

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boopainter is running: