250K Myteam tournament

Hey I was just curious did anyone know what happened to Tydebo at the bracket ? He was set to meet the guy that made the finals in semis but game never started and said Tydebo forfeited , which I know he would never do by choice , dude had multiple 50 HOF players in there …anyone know what happened ? Did this guy finally get exposed for cheating ?

He apparently got locked out of his Xbox acct. it is unclear if it will be reset before the next gen brackets.

He got locked out ? So 2k was eveluating him at the very least sounds like ? I wanna know …there is a small chance he got away with fraud last year

ty got hoed. easily was a favorite to win. His xbox account got hacked, and he was locked out. This was a good 5-6 hours before the tournament. Ty tried to reach out for help, but no one answered and he eventually got forfieted.

This could have been solved if 2k just changed the name in his bracket to his other account (which 2k has done before for a previous 250k tourn). Ty easily had the best account out of all the qualifiers, so this would not put him in an advantage but a disadvantage .

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You must’ve been following this closely because it seems like your post luetarlly a quote lol tnx for the info though

It’s a weekend. Microsoft and XBox Support don’t work over weekends I’m guessing.

update: tydebo is back in the tournament and won $50,000
big ups to the man

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That was pretty crazy to follow. He got his account back like 10 minutes before he had to play. He bought Luka right before the game started. He then went down 22 in his 1st game and came back to win at the end.

If he didn’t get locked out yesterday he might have qualified for the finals of both current and next gen. Might have lost 200k because Microsoft locked him out of his account.

Also this wouldn’t have happened if the tournament was in person and over a LAN connection. I believe the game Splash lost on next gen he was dealing with a delay.

I really dont care about those tournaments, especially in a game like this, but 2k can just create new tournament accounts for them with generated cards copying those in their personal accounts and play it on a dedicated server, right?

250k is a solid prize, even in a shit game (competitively wise), they should not let them play just from home and on their accounts like that.

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I’m starting to think 2k is trying to make it as easy as possible to host without caring much for level of delivery …I bet if they could just make a raffle and pull out a name on a piece of paper , they would much rather do that , or so it seems