250k enough for Davis?

Been saving up for a 5 since May.


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hell no, it’s a signature series gonna go for 600k +

Yeah lowest it will be is 600-700k after first week.

Diamond Davis?

Doubt it. Sig series PD’s have been awful pack odds wise. My guess is he’ll be at least 400k but it’ll all depend on odds. Supply and demand.

Pink diamond

Will there be a 98? Like with Lebron?

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Maybe, or the 97 in packs; below 50k for sure.

Maybe, nobody knows!

I doubt there will be a 98, it’ll just be the Amy, 97, and PD. If there were a 98, it’d be cheap enough and similar enough where people wouldn’t chase the PD. It’s all about the $$$.

I also say this negates our chances of getting another throwback PD this Friday in order to have us open as many packs as possible.

We might get one tomorrow… last week was Mon, Wed, Friday.

Tomorrow will most likely be the sig series IMO. They need a few gap days for us to open the sig series packs.

You think they will drop it randomly on a Wednesday?

Makes most sense. They’ll then have it for 7 days in the store? It’ll be gone next Wednesday, two days after the awards and that’ll be the last promo. Or 9 days, ending that Friday.

Lebron came out on Thursday. So I guess it’s possible. Wish I bought the VC that was on sale.

I agree, but honestly just wait for a PD throwback center to drop.

I know you’ve got a chub currently

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