2200 / 2900

Wow… Took me 2 weeks to jump from 2100 to 2200. Lower end cards are becoming more expensive and I’m getting outbid on a bunch of cards, unfortunately. Here’s my current card breakdown:

Current: 395/431
Current Series 2: 438/446
Heat Checks: 255/441
Moments (Specific tab): 1/47
Rewards: 246/509
Premium: 248/557
Historic Uniforms: ALL
Miscellaneous: 275/322

Definitely was a slow jump for sure. MT is a little slow, but I’m making my way. Anyone made any huge progress since my last post?



Cool story

I’m sorry you feel the need to go out of your way to make a comment like that. Please go troll elsewhere, bud.


Nice work.

Not wanting to ask a question to upset you, but do you feel less motivated with the Shaq release?

Knowing that the power creep from now will probably outpace ad and wade?

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it probably will outpace AD (depending on how much u like his release etc), but i doubt it outpaces wade unless they really come round to giving us a really really good card with base 98

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No, feel free to ask away!

Honestly, I’ve fallen off in my skillset since I basically stopped playing 2K19 (I think?, the one with SuperMax) since I didn’t like the gameplay and I’ve just declined lol. So, I’m basically going for AD for my Lakers theme team and to get the achievement :slight_smile:

With the way 2K pumps out overinflated cards, I bet that there will be better meta cards soon

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I’m guessing at a perfect T mac this year, perfect cards are looking sooner than later.

I decided not to continue with collector levels because of this