2100 / 2900

2100 / 2900

Took me another 4 days to go from 2000 to 2100. I’ve had to limit my bids to just over 50 active each time I log in because cards are becoming more expensive & scarce. Just a few wins each time and it’s coming along. Here’s my current card breakdown:

Current: 386/431
Current Series 2: 434/446
Heat Checks: 217/441
Moments (Specific tab): 1/47
Rewards: 233/507
Premium: 229/519
Historic Uniforms: ALL
Miscellaneous: 258/322

50 cards away from Jalen Rose. Slowly but surely making my way… Kinda losing MT along the way, which really sucks. Congrats to everyone that’s made it to AD. To the rest: we journey on!



This sentence is depressing. He was outdated weeks before anyone got him. There’s sapphires better than him now lol

But keep on trucking! You’re gonna get there soon, I’m sure.

It’s ok. My competitive days of 2K have blown past me. Just playing with theme teams and enjoying the game!

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how much MT do you have? i’m not as patient as you are when it comes to collecting lol

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Roughly 900k.

I’m at 2720 but damn is it getting hard and seeming impossible at this pt. I’m hoping there releases over the next few months make the last 179 not too bad, I do have 29 cards I can still get from the spotlight sims and eventually plan to get nique even though another 250 triple threat games sounds torturous but I only have maybe 10 or less cards I could get for sub 10k now.


I’m at 2683 but I still have all of these dom games to do :persevere:. And 0/30 spotlight sim rewards so far. I literally can’t play 5 minute qtr games against the CPU unless it’s to try out a new card


Yeah. I’m hearing rumors about a potential Historic Collection? Not sure how likely that is, but it would surely help.

Yup… I’m trying to play them slowly but surely.

How much MT for all of those cards I’m kinda late for going for AD/Wade but I might just buy MT and do it

People were saying 4-6 million just for the last 100 cards between Wade and AD

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Damn that’s crazy

between 7 and 10 million depending on what u already have.

i went from 800 to 2800 in two days and it cost me 7.8 million

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A historic collection would be amazing and then I’d surely get the plat within a month. I’d take it for sure even though the plat rarity would take a hit I dont care at this pt just want to stop playing this mess.

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I only got like 500 cards lmao way to much money for that gahhhh damn

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I’m just wanting the achievement and that AD for my Lakers squad :slight_smile:

Gotta figure in the next month or two the price to get to 2900 will be considerably less than it is currently. Probably half the price

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That’s why I’m not too rushed to get it. Cards will continue to fall. If I dump a bunch of my MT into a specific card, it’ll depreciate by the time I end up getting to 2,900.

Still 74 short of Wade. And with “only” 1.3M MT, I don’t have nearly enough to make the jump until they release a set with tons of value cards. I’ll just wait patiently and sell off certain cards when they spike to keep building MT.

One tactic that works if you’re patient: when you snipe a card and sell it, try to buy 2 with the proceeds from that sale. Over time you can turn one card into 2 pretty steadily that way. Example: I snagged a cheap Amy Dinwiddie and flipped him, then used that MT to grab D Wall and Love toward my collector count.

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Slow and steady buddy. Every little drop adds a few cheap cards lol.

Interesting tactic. I’ll definitely give it an attempt. Usually not the best sniper though!

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