21 Delay (Cut to the Basket) Freelance scheme

This method won me so many games, your opp wont know its coming, you want to use 21 Delay freelance as a formation, this will have the Center at the freethrow line, spacing everything out for the cut, this will destory on ballers, yes its corny but it works…If you never used the Cut to the basket feature, you will have a hard time calling it quickly, the more you use it the faster you can bring the option up… Alot of muscle memory, This will cause the Defender to collapse on the cut, leaving shooters open at the corners.

Click LB, Player Icon and Press X to cut him…
(Make sure to have a good passing Center, (Marc Gasol, Jokic, etc.)

  1. After inbound, pass to C
  2. Quickly use the Cut to the Basket feature…

Been playing around with 21 delay for a while, and mixing it with flow and flip push. This is nice. Enjoy all your tip videos. Please keep them coming!