20th Anniversary Packs


Also the first Pink Diamond will be in packs

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Pink diamond Big Ben lets goooooooo

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Looks like Ben Wallace PD

First pink diamond?!


Shake got no teeth?



Must have sold em for packs


Ehh, its w.e tbh. Maybe hes worth it, if he can shoot a mid range but i doubt it. He short as f too for a center.

Man looks like a pedo

oh god, that face

They will give him a 86 ball control to run at the 1 lol

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I belive shake is in his early twenties too. Let that sink in

wow lol looks like a 40yr old dad

Probably has way more money than me so i cant judge tho

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Of course the first Pd is small and cant shoot

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Wow this early. This might discourage players contemplating on completing sets for token rewards

Imagine locking in token rewards for cards to start dropping like this lol

I remember I said some on this forum Ben Wallace was going to be the first Pink Diamond. I’m 6/6 on my predictions this year

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what else u gonna use tokens for?

No I’m saying the people that were chasing sets to get tokens when 2k is just dropping diamonds lol if you get tokens from playing the game okay but the people that locked in every set so they could get early diamonds then knowing 2k they do this. I’d rather hold the mt at this rate if it’s going to be like this is all