2022 NBA Offseason: Spida to Cleveland!

Oh duh, I didn’t think about his contract. Then very late 1st round pick is probably about right for Wood’s last year of the contract.

I also think he’s a major upgrade. Mavs offense will be significantly more dynamic.

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The West next year is going to be crazy.

  • Warriors should be better than they were this year.
  • Clippers are loaded.
  • Nuggets healthy roster.
  • Suns maybe just as good.
  • Mavs maybe better.
  • Grizzlies with natural progression.

And, who knows, maybe it will turn out that Darvin Hamm is a genius.

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For some reason, I’ve thought of Christian Wood as being younger than he is.

But get this: he has played with Elton Brand.

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All depends on what Portland do this offseason but we could very well bounce back stronger than before.

Dame has been written off for some reason despite the last time he was even remotely healthy we saw this:

Also, Anfernee legitimately has the potential to be a star.

Look at him on court. He’s not 6’3. He’s a lengthy 6’5 these days despite his listing. Not a finished product at all but at 23 the sky is the limit for this kid.

Well worth a watch if people haven’t seen what he’s already capable of.

If Portland can land a starting quality defensive wing or 2 in draft/trades/FA we might just right in the mix.

I’ve always liked the Trail Blazers since the Porter, Drexler, Kersey, Robinson days. And of course I love Dame.

But I think all six teams I listed should be not only better than what the Blazers will be this upcoming season, but I think an argument could be made for each of them being better than the Blazers have ever been in the Dame era.

Which I think is more of a testament to to how loaded the top half of the West is. Blazers can be a good team and in the mix, but still have six teams in the West that are even better.

I thought PJ was crazy in love with HEAT CULTURE and vice-versa. So I would think he’s not actually looking to entertain other offers so much as he is looking for a multi-year deal that will keep him under contract in Miami until he’s 40.

At which point, maybe he’ll retire, and take Udonis off into the sunset with him.

Scotto Bomb

Oh wait. He’s gonna decline, sign long term max deal, and then we’ll see if/when he demands a trade some time down the road.

Great deal for PDX. Get one of those lengthy defensive wings we needed without giving up the 7 pick.

Now give Charlotte an out on Haywards deal and take it on with the 13th pick. Draft Dyson Daniels with 7 and a guy like Sochan or Eason at 13 and Portland have smashed the offseason (while re-signing Ant and Nurk)

Looks good. So I guess this settles it, for now: Dame is staying and the Blazers are trying to reconfigure a contender around him.

Are there protections on the 2025 1st rounder?

Is Hayward’s contract considered a liability? I guess the Blazers have Bledsoe to deal as a big expiring, though they’ll need to assemble another $10M if they need to match salary.

Dame, Simons, Hayward, Grant, and Nurk? Hart, Winslow, and Little off the bench?

This was always the plan, last season’s fire sale was to create flexibility to do this. Was never intended as a compete tear down.

Protected 1-4 but it’s Bucks pick so unless something happens to Giannis it’s a late 1st.

There’s been reports that Charlotte are looking to shed Hayward with either pick 13 or 15 to make the space needed to re-sign Miles Bridges. That part of my plan doesn’t feel super likely though, haha.

That would be the rotation but include 2 top 15 picks (in this fantasy reality)

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I saw that and was surprised that Hayward’s remaining 2 years needed a 1st to move, even though he hasn’t even averaged 50 games the past three seasons.

Funny that MJ is so allergic to paying luxury tax that he “needs” to move Hayward to re-sign Bridges.



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I like this idea. Seems like they are gonna go with a 4 out 1 in style and just surround Dame with defenders who can space the floor for a p&r heavy scheme. I still think they need a more capable defensive sg. I like Simons but he is not defensively sound enough to “hide” Dame. They are going to run into the same problems they have always had unless they sure that up. teams are going to pick on their defensively limited backcourt.

I think they can make it work. Simons is taller, longer and more athletic than CJ ever was. He has a lot of work to do defensively but from all accounts that’s exactly what he’s doing. He has far more potential on that end of the floor than CJ. He’s also only JUST turned 23.

Also, the last time Portland had even semi competent long wing defenders at the 3 and 4 they went to the WCF with Enes Kanter at centre… (Nurk broke his leg before the playoffs). Keep in mind those forwards were Harkless and Aminu.

I think he can definitely get there, at least much better than CJ, but that WCF was a long time ago in basketball years. Kawhi and PG weren’t in LAC, Brow wasn’t in LAL, CP wasn’t on the Suns, etc. Gonna be tough no matter what. I do hope it works because Dame is my guy and I’d like to see him at least get to the Finals (Unless it’s against LeBron lol)

Yeah obviously the west is a different place right now. Point more around how good that team was despite being incredibly weak on talent behind Dame and CJ. And it was the presence of defensive wings that did it for them. In this hypothetical, yes the west is better. But Simons/OG/Grant/Nurk around Dame also shits all over CJ/Harkless/Aminu/Kanter.

That lineup with good schemes can absolutely compete in the west. Compete as in a strong 2nd round performance or conference finals appearance. Not quite championship contending, haha

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Forgot the draft was tonight. So far:

  1. Orlando Magic - F Paolo Banchero, Duke
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder - F Chet Holmgren, Gonzaga
  3. Houston Rockets - F Jabari Smith, Auburn
  4. Sacramento Kings - F Keegan Murray, Iowa
  5. Detroit Pistons - G Jaden Ivey, Purdue
  6. Indiana Pacers - F Bennedict Mathurin, Arizona
  7. Portland Trail Blazers - G Shaedon Sharpe, Kentucky
  8. New Orleans Pelicans - F Dyson Daniels, NBA G League Ignite
  9. San Antonio Spurs - F Jeremy Sochan, Baylor
  10. Washington Wizards - G Johnny Davis, Wisconsin
  11. Thunder (from New York Knicks) - F Ousmane Dieng, France
  12. Thunder - G Jalen Williams, Santa Clara
  13. Pistons (from Charlotte Hornets) - C Jalen Duren, Memphis
  14. Cleveland Cavaliers - F Ochai Agbaji, Kansas