2022 NBA Offseason: KD WANTS A TRADE!

We need a Next Chet Holmgren + Gamma Poku Dynamic Duo.

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Really wanted Dyson Daniels in PDX but Sharpe was my 2nd choice. Unreal potential. Lot of unknown but could end up the best player in this draft. Special talent for sure.

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I don’t know anything about any of the draft prospects, other than that Chet Holmgren is really tall and really skinny.

Mostly, I look at the names and my reaction is wonderment at how Jalen/Jaden name has gotten so popular, and of which I think Dalen, Shaedon, and even Keegan are offshoots.

Also, I saw that there is some Serbian prospect named Nikola Jović.

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Once Portland started their 1 season tank I was all in on the draft, haha. It’s been very fun.

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some interesting things happened yesterday. really excited to see this pistons team especially if they add ayton. also okc looking to become the longest team in nba history. i don’t think paolo is a great fit for orlando (not that anybody is) but i was happy to see a duke guy go first

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OKC looking so good. Only have been out of the Playoffs for 2 seasons and now they’re looking like they could be something really special in the relatively near future.

And still have a pipeline to draft well regardless of where they place (or trade for a star) because they have multiple other teams’ 1st round picks for the next 4 drafts. And their own. And multiple 2nd rounders.

SGA, Giddey, Dort, Poku plus Holmgren and three more prospects.

And, meanwhile, Knicks are still in “WTF Are They Doing?” mode.

Even if they get their apparent wish and are able to sign Brunson for the max…congratulations?


I was just talking to my brother about the Knicks. Brunson is nice but he isn’t a franchise changing piece worth maxing out. He’s not a Paul George or even a Khris Middleton.

I am ready to see OKC though. They can throw out a lineup where Shai and Giddey are 6’5 & 6’6. Ousmane at 6’11 then Poku and Chet down low. Everybody in that lineup can also make most basketball plays as far as putting it on the floor and making the right pass or scoring. It might be hell defensively but the length should help. I think they can be special in a couple years like this past season’s Grizzlies squad.

Yeah, to me, he’s only max-worthy to a team vying for a championship who has to retain guys and going over cap with Bird Rights.

So not even necessarily max-worthy for the Mavs, but they’re not in a great situation to not sign him for whatever they need to pay. I think they’re well over not just cap, but luxury tax threshold. Without counting Brunson. So I think it’s either sign him…or sign-and-trade, or let him walk with not only nothing but no way to replace him.

Yeah, I think you’re pointing out what makes them special. If their rookies play well next year, definitely going to actually watch some of their games, and not just watch highlight cuts.

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In case anyone wants to get into the Kyrie interpretation business…

He’s been ranting about the Roe v Wade ruling today mostly. I don’t think this one is hoops related

I saw that he posted this tweet right after:

But those are the only two tweets from today. And I don’t get what “being different” could do with abortion rights.

Super/Max contracts seem really dicey when they’re for vet players.

Westbrook and Wall’s. Would Kawhi and PG get theirs now, retrospectively? Klay’s were not really unforseeable but his contract would still likely have been “not worth it” from pure $/production standpoint. Dame is another guy who doesn’t have to make strict money sense for his franchise to keep him for multiple reasons, but the 1st year of his latest contract, last year, was obviously “not worth it.” I hope the rest of the term turns out to be, but even if he has a great year this year, he might not. And with his option, two more seasons remain.

And if Harden and Kyrie had not been all about keeping personal options open and just about guaranteeing max money for max term, they both would be about to start monster 4 or 5 year contracts.

Who’s gonna make the Suns max Ayton?

I personally regard the supermax as suitable for players that can win a playoff series where two teams are fairly equally matched of average and above average players. Then the unstoppable ability of the supermax guy is the deciding factor.
Some assurance of availability is imperative.

Some what is the list of such players? Perhaps:

Jimmy Butler

Who am I missing?

Anyway, the list is much shorter than what is handed out. Fans just need to hope they have a difference maker as their star.

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Supermax for sure, if younger player who doesn’t otherwise qualify.

Do you feel like Tatum should’ve been able to get the Supermax? I guess, compared to many who get the Max, he should’ve.

Think your list is good. Only names that come to mind as missing are Kawhi when healthy. Would say PG when healthy, but it’s really PG when healthy and playing like a max player, which kind of defeats the point of the distinction.

Dame if healthy.

We actually both missed Durant.

I have Kawhi, PG and Zion as guys who are as likely to miss a playoff series with injury as they are to swing a series with their play. So they are not really supermax guys. (Many may forget Zion was historically dominant and efficient just a couple years ago.)

Tatum, bless his tattered reputation, is certainly a supermax guy. Before he needed Deuce’s diaper in Finals game 6, he was pivotal in defeating the force of nature that is Giannis, as well as taking down Durant. Tatum can certainly swing a series.

I think your question, however, alluded to Tatum getting denied the max by not making an All-NBA team two or three years ago. Yeah, there should be better appraisals for supermaxes. But then, with appropriate compensation, Giannis and Jokic and that little dancing bastard(sorry, I’m still bitter) probably should make 100mill a year each.

But, ya know, those guys at the top get enough. How many yachts do extremely tall, lightly-educated men need?

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I’m incredulous. But it’s Shams AMD Woj.

If Woj and Shams both tweeted that Jesus is our savior, I’d convert.

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