2021 NBA Off-Season Mega-Thread

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@star5CR34M do you think whenever there is a trade or maybe a team move you could do a Win or Lose multiple choice?

Does Ben Simmons get traded?

I believe! I believe this is the season, Lillard finally gets the roster he deserves. Neil this is your last chance buddy!

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Simmons for Wiggins, pascal and oubre

Knicks and Mavericks will be the teams to pay attention to this offseason. Knicks have the most cap space and with a relatively successful season, the charm might be back to lure the stars to NY.

Dallas has some cap space but with their internal issues being exposed, I wonder if they get shunned by big names

Olshey going to the roll out the same flawed core, Portland will get bounced in the first round and Dame will ask out. Olshey will outlast Dame in Portland and it’s going to be a fucking travesty when it happens.

The Knicks need to get a game changer ASAP or things will never go up hill again.

Since his trade value plummeted, I’m not sure what the best path is forward at this point.

Bulls are getting lonzo

Why would they need another guard?

Rudy Gobert and Ben Simmons 1&2 defensive players in the league, come playoff time defensive and offensive liabilitys. Philly and Utah can not win with these two they need trades but their value is in the toilet though :grimacing: :laughing:

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Because they don’t have any good point guards, have you watched nba or living outta box scores?

Simmons can still flech you something good, teams gonna jump on him because they got their own players to trade that don’t mesh well like CJ

Beyond the CJ/Simmons trade (which I think is quite obvious that it will happen) - Knicks, Mavericks and Lakers are the teams to watch out for re: trades. All teams bombed out earlier than they would’ve liked, all teams showed that they need to upgrade their role players in order to to compete. Pelinka is a smart GM, he knows what will be needed to get back to the top - I’m sure Rose/Perry know what is needed as well, in addition to whoever the Mavs hire to replace Nelson

SAS said that sources from Portland say that the Blazers are not interested in a Ben-CJ trade.

Hell naw to that 2nd name :rofl: Shaw was our 2IC during the extremely average Walton years. That man should not be considered for a HC job

In fact, I’m still surprised why Walton himself still has a HC job in the league

For the love of god I hope we trade kuzma this off season

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