2020 Sixth Man Of The Year - Montrezl Harrell


Schröder got robbed

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This is a scam.

Schroder should’ve won it


Sorry but why did Montrez win it over Lou Will and Schroder?

Makes no sense to me, was no one around when Schroeder carried OKC’s offense


Lmao how can a team have 2 sixth man of the year candidates


Again this is absolute bullshit, I would’ve been fine with Lou Will, but not Montrez. Shouldn’t even have been in the convo, wonder if Ballmer has influence lol.

Cuz theyre deep and stagger their team so you always have options out there. Trez deserved it, Schroder didn’t get robbed. They both avergaed 18ppg and Trez’s team won more games.

No offense but without Schroeder, I doubt we even make the playoffs.

Schroeder should’ve won it

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How is 18 and 7 off the bench not in the convo? Thats great production, he earned it. He was their best big.

and without Trez maybe the Clippers aren’t a 2 seed.

Is it great production, yes it is, but Montrez also was needed to carry an offense, no. Schroeder was.

They would probably still be the 4th Seed let’s be honest, they’re loaded

Trez carrying an offense with PG Kawhi and Lou Will out there? :confused:

I think you’re not understanding with what I’m saying, Montrez deserved consideration (I’m just being a homer), but the Clips still won games without him.

Without Dennis, I severely doubt OKC touches the playoffs, he had a much bigger impact.

Mannnn this honestly hurts more than the game 7 loss

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And Montrez didn’t have a “breakout season” imo, he definitely improved though.

Small markets never get any love

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I’m amazed Schroeder didn’t win, remember this is the same team ESPN gave a 0.2% to make the playoffs.

Schroeder was a big reason why we made it and made it as the 5th Seed (almost a 4th see as well), we could’ve made it but it would be as an 8th seed at best.

Congrats to Montrez winning it, but imo Schroeder deserved it much more.

I’m hoping the race was close, if not then that’s when I would start questioning these “experts” heavily

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I really feel like both Bam and Schroeder got the shorthand. Both of them brought their team to a ridiculous level this yr…you can take trez n Ingram out n their team will still hover around the same records I think

Also who ever didn’t give a first place vote to Morant is just petty ahhah