2020 NBA Draft Megathread: Rumors, Draft Ideas, Trade Scenarios and Scouting 🔥

Tankathon Mock Draft (August 20th)

Let the Rumors, Draft Ideas, and Scouting begin


I know it’s a bit early but the lottery is 5 days away…

We, Bulls definetly need top 4 man. If we get 7th pick again I will be mad.


I found @rsande64’s dupe lol jk.

Nah I have a feeling the Bulls will jump to the Top 4

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Imma have a “supplemental” thread day of.

Look forward to it.

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Lol, this is sort of what happened in 2019…

Two mid lottery teams end up in the top 4, and the 11th pick budges in there

I heard that the warriors preferred pick is Anthony Edwards

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If the Dubs are the #1 pick, I’ll be shocked if they don’t trade down.

This would be the most logical move to do if you’re Golden State

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I think they’ll keep it because a number 1 player is better trade bait then say #7

Anthony Edwards and Andrew Wiggins with Jordan Poole for Bradley Beal

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What I’m implying is that they trade whoever they selected at #1 to a team that wants them badly.

Then Depending on what pick Golden State gets, they may trade down again

But where would Klay fit?

He can be a SF but fits better as a SG.

But okay, let’s say the Wizards end up with the 10th Pick. More than likely they’ll be willing to trade Beal at this point since they have Rui and can choose another prospect at the 10th Pick.

He’s gonna be slower laterally so put him at the 3 for a korver role on the bucks, he’s 6’7 so he has perfect length for the 3

Unpopular opinion, if Golden State does get the #1 pick, I’d imagine they may trade both Wiggins and Draymond to create cap space for 2021.

Giannis? (As in targeting him to sign)

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The obvious move would be Giannis but it’s possible they may pick up Schroder, Aldridge, and other names in the 2021 FA Class.

Tactical trade to an eastern team to hurt bucks chances

Gotcha. Swing for the fences and then fill in if it doesn’t pan out.

Like the Lakers with Kawhi this last offseason.

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I mean just look at the list of these 2021 Free Agents, it’s going to be. A loaded draft class if both LA teams lose their stars


How are the Timberwolves this bad? Glen Taylor cursed the franchise when he fucked KG over.