2019 Pistons Draft Thread

Any other Pistons fans on here? The draft has me nervous as we aren’t known for making the greatest picks but we finessed the Bucks out of Snell and the 30th all for Jon Leuer who only averaged 3 ppg for us plus took 10mil in which I’d rather give 14mil to Snell any day of the week.

But with now the 15th and 30th I see us having 3 options. Since we are in a Limbo with Reggie, Drummond’s and Blake contract, we can’t sign any FA’s. So…

We either:

  • Draft a solid SG (Alexander-Walker, or Langford) then hope KZ Opkala is still available at 30th
  • Draft a Solid SF (Cam Johnson, Little, Hachimara) at 15th then get best available at 30th
  • Try to package the picks with Reggie Jackson/Drummond for a big time player.

What do you guys think?
Reggie is decent enough but the Pistons need to make moves since we are stuck financially and Drummond isn’t taking off like he was projected too. Worst Defensive Low post big man in the league its time to move on.

Projected Depth
PG - Reggie Jackson, Langston Galloway
SG - [Blank], Luke Kennard
SF - [Blank], Tony Snell, GR3
PF - Blake, (Blank)
C - Drummond, Thon Maker

They need a pg Reggie isn’t doing it


We suck. No way around it.

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Aren’t you a Warriors fan?

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we really need a whole thread dedicated to non lottery picks?

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