200k to upgrade

This is my team right now. I got the PD Clyde but he isn’t showing up on 2KMTCentral. I’ve got 200k for upgrades + whatever I sell. Suggestions?

upgrade Klay and Clyde to their pink diamond versions

I already have PD Clyde like I said and is Klay really worth the upgrade?

My b, and I have only used the pink diamond before. Never used the diamond but he’s lights out for me

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I’d save up for Kd to replace klay with. Pd klay is greatvbut he’s gonna do the exact same thing his diamond does. Kd will be more well rounded.

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I’m shooting 68% from 3 with Klay and I use Brad Stevens as my coach so he becomes a lock/sharp and he can clamp the other teams shooters fine so I don;t really wanna spend the MT on him.

In that case I would keep the diamond then

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PD Pippen for bench PG over DR J because Dr J has no slashing plays out my playbook and I need my PG to be able to get to the rack?

I don’t use plays to get the rim. Warriors free lance gives me enough space to dribble up opponent or just call screens if I can’t and I can get to the rim. Who ever is better for you than I’d use him.

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