2000 card collector level as NMS player

Just wanted to share my joy that yesterday before the token market update I managed to reach 2000 card collector level as a NMS (No Money Spent) player. Still had 500k in a bank but realized that would only net me 30-40 cards more so decided to sell everything back.

Jalen, who is ASS, requires 2150 cards and has zero HoF badges, AD requires 2900 cards and we are still 600~ away from it. Wtf are they even thinking, how are they gonna release 600+ cards in a span of few months?

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up, I’ll answer everything.


As NMS I’m at 2037 cards+3mil mt + 2400 tokens, my question is how much the account worth for

Didn’t realize Jalen Rose had no HOF badges. That is fucking awful. For the investment required for 2150 cards this is a total insult honestly. I ran him through my ratings sheet and he’s a 78.53 rating. Unbelievable! You can get a card that is way better for the 100k you would get from the lower collector level. Wow

They HAVE to update that card, right? I mean cmon. He’s total trash


Damn, that’s actually crazy, I thought I was doing good.

I’m thinking about making a tweet at myteam, twobros, and the guy who creates the cards to boost up the collector level players badges here soon. Hopefully we can get enough people to like and retweet it to get it visible to them.

It’s sad how bad that Jalen Rose is and the PD Pippen probably needs some boosts as well. Sabonis doesn’t have quickdraw either which is a MUST if someone is going to collect 2450 cards



Bruh that’s atrocious lmao

2K be like…

“Stay tuned”

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Hey at least they are discouraging the very expensive and soul-crushing collector grind this year. AD is whatever. Wade is also whatever, for me at least. Last year Perfect Giannis was a must have card in my eyes, and we paid dearly to get that card, but he was worth it. Unstoppable


2000 sheesh! I’m at 1600 I think


Yeah this is my first year collecting and that Sabonis is the card I want the most. I probably will get Wade and AD too, but by the time I get them they might already be outclassed lol

@lnkognito5 what all cards do you have?

Finished 2020 collection and Heat Check collection completely, also had probably every auctionable card released up to a diamond level.

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Just a shame that we’re nearing February and we’re probably roughly 600 cards off still. Don’t see how they can pump out close to 100 cards per month lol

Anyone know what the closest you can get to Scottie is? Just wanna know when we’ll start seeing gameplay vids with him.

I think that they released cards too quickly last year and felt people got GO Giannis too early, so now they’re releasing cards slower AND have higher collector level counts.

I got a buddy who’s NMS as well and he has almost every token reward player except 4 PD’s and the last 2 diamonds released, hes also 137 cards from Pippen, hes got around 500-700 K MT and he grinds a ton as well. He will most likely have Tony Parker soon since he wants to get him

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And Ad no Range Extender, Wade no Bail out and Intimidator. Neither Card are really top tier like last year’s Giannis


Going from AK47/Webber/JR to Jalen Rose/Jamison/IT is a big L

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This is what I’m thinking , maybe stop at Sabonis… cause you also get 750 tokens which is give or take a mill mt. Wade and AD are replaceable imo but Sabonis I don’t think he is replaceable in terms of size shooting and dimer.