2000 / 2900

Took me another 4 days to go from 1900 to 2000. I’m trying to roughly have 100 bids active each time I log in. Winning a few bids each time = slow, steady progress. Here’s my current card breakdown:

Current: 371/431
Current Series 2: 417/446
Heat Checks: 192/441
Moments (Specific tab): 1/47
Rewards: 230/504
Premium: 214/496
Historic Uniforms: ALL
Miscellaneous: 232/322

Free 100k is nice at 2000 cards, but it should’ve been a little more in my opinion. Some of y’all have hit 2900! Congrats to those who’ve made it. How’s everyone else’s journey?



I hit 2800 cards yesterday but it was expensive. Had to buy a lot of cards 40k+ in order to make my last push. Make sure you get the spotlight reward cards as they are key to finishing up if you haven’t already. I didnt keep up with the spotlights so i had to go back and play a ton of those offline games to get the sapphire and ruby cards.

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Those last 100 cards are brutally expensive. Not sure how I will manage to get there.

How much mt have you spent for all of those cards roughly? Lol

I’m at 2810 and hoping that 2k releases enough content in the next month to get me to or close to AD for relatively inexpensive.


I’m still 91 from Wade. Can’t imagine the final 100 push for AD. I was so desperate yesterday that I was buying Diamond DJ Augustin to try to inch up. Today’s drop will give me a few more. But I have bought every uniform, coach, playbook, heat check, series I and all but 7-8 PDs in series II. I’ll have to dig into the mostly unplayable legacy and prime Ds and PDs very soon. 5 of the SIMs done, so that’s a steady supply to tap.

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This is what I have to do!

Oh dear, I have no clue. My current maximum filters are 1,000 for Ruby and below. 1.5 for Amy. 1.25k. for Heat Check. 3.1k for Diamond. Can kinda figure it out from there. Recently raised my filters though so many of the cards I got previously were under that benchmark.

Hoping for that Historic collection

Missed today’s drop. Gotta check what they added.

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