200 / 2900

Reached 200 cards so far. I was grinding MTU to get Bird, which I did get. Grinding some TTOffline next to try and get the Cliff Hagan. These limited rewards will be important to try and get and secure so when I get up to the high 2,000’s, it’s a few less cards to worry about.

I’ll hold out on my card breakdown until I reach 1,000 cards.

Sniped most of the D-Wade cards except Melo/Duncan who I may try to snipe when the packs get closer to expiring (to use for the Alonzo challenges).

I’m also buying all the Emerald Token Rewards before moving on to the next level. Only smart if you’re planning on going for all the collector levels. Don’t do this is you’re targeting Pink Diamond/Opals in the Token Market. I only made it to Diamond level last year, but I did get all of the cards underneath it.

Anyone else grinding out collector levels? How far are y’all? Haven’t used Darryl Dawkins yet either.


I’m about to get Walter Davis tonight and I’ll most likely have Jason Kidd tomorrow because I got around 70 cards last night lmao

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Nice! I’ve heard Kidd is very good. Haven’t heard much about Walter Davis though

I’ve seen some say hes good. Was watching some gameplay and he looks kinda okay i guess idk though. Im going for the tokens and diamond eddie for now

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I am very close to Kidd too. Get tired of sniping silvers… so buying cheaper jerseys now. IT is also possible already, crazy.

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Im gonna get IT soon I think. possible for me by next week potentially and im grinding the hell outta TT offline and dom to level him up like crazy

Yeah. I’ve heard people already got IT for awhile now

Yup. That’s exactly how I’m leveling up my cards. Grinding TTOffline for these Evo’s while I’m trying to get Cliff Hagan

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Walter Davis is my team MVP right now. He’s really good. Don’t let the 3pt rating fool you. Gold Flexible release is a huuuge badge to have