20 rebounds with garnett

How ? Played 1 quarter with a smallish lineup and i didnt get 1 reb lol

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off ball with KG in the paint, match him up with the C, run in transition, on offence if you winning the game just chuck 3s when KG is running or in the paint and try to grab the board, try to get 5 a quarter.

This is the one im on too. Its ruuuuuffffff.

I ran him at pf and ran a small c. I off balled on defence and on offence i spammed the pick and roll chuck up shot method a couple times

Are they at least counting games now?

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yes they are!!

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Along with manually grabbing them on defense send him to the basket off a pick and roll and take bad jumpers. Should grab you at least 4 offensive that way. I got it first try but I wouldn’t call it easy. Got 21 playing him the entire game. I played him at center with a small 4 (Posey)

I just did the 20 rebounds on my first try, and it glitched and crashed at the end of the game. Heartbreaking

Double tap charge button to flop and let the bad shooters shoot

Yeah, I saw this in the other thread but it works. Flop with your PG and let Andre Miller shoot. On offense, I was calling for pnr with KG, and then shooting a bad timing three when he rolled to the basket. Works pretty well

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play ttoffline and have him be your tallest player… he’s gonna get around 7 rebs a game

Like others say…PnR from 4 or 5 out with him and try to get the switch and or drive straight at the hedge man and put up a shitty shot as he rolls, hopefully with a guard on him.

And the other tips for getting CPU to shoot quickly are good, as well as putting in shitty rebounders at 3 and 4 and setting Run in Transition.

Yeah, this 20 rebound challenge is killing me. I keep ending up with 17 or 18 even trying all of the cheese. I’ll keep at it I guess.


Thanks for the tip on letting Miller shoot. That finally got it done for me!


Ok ao what i did on my 3rd try was

Start pierce at PF and a small ball lineup. And then play a 2-3 zone and let Garnett clean up everything by usering him

It’s 20 boards in one game with KG.