20-21 hot takes

@YOSEMITE_HAM did this last year, so I’m gonna make it a tradition. We’re a little bit into the season, but we still accept hot take applications.

The spurs will make the playoffs this season


My hot take at the beginning of this season was Jokic for MVP. Not sure that’s even hot anymore

  1. The Rockets won the trade and will be more successful than the Nets this season. Both in regular season record and playoff success.

  2. LeBron and the Lakers are going to have a stretch of basketball so good that he becomes the oldest player to win MVP.

  3. LaMelo is going to hit his stride and look really good towards the second half of the season to win ROTY.

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LaMelo already is looking good to me now lol



The boys are starting to come together. I still think we lack some shooting, but there is such a strong, young, defensive core in place. Keldon and Skywalker are gonna be stars, in my opinion, and the future is very bright.

Pacers finish Top 4 in East
Malcolm Brogdon makes his first all-star

Rockets possibly better without Harden?

  • Nets lose in Conference Finals against Sixers/Bucks
  • One of Nets big three will be gone before next season

Hornets make the Playoffs
Domantas Sabonis is Top 3 in MVP voting
Suns finish 2nd in the west

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  • Mavs make the Conference finals
  • Warriors don’t make the Playoffs
  • Maxey wins ROTY

LeBron wins MVP in a landslide.

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Nets flop in the playoffs, not even a hot take. Just facts


Wizards will still make the playoffs

Giannis somehow still wins MVP

Clippers finals

Knicks make the playoffs! (Just trying my hardest to speak this one into existence haha)

This is more of a prediction but, the Thunder will get rid of Horford and Hill in the off-season, draft Mobley or Garza, sign a big, big man in free agency (someone like Andre Drummond) and make the playoffs next year

I think this could totally happen

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Smoking hot take: the Celtics will make the nba finals

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Myles Turner wins DPOY

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Actually kind of likely, I think he might realistically be top 5 in voting

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spurs make playoffs fo sure
Patty Mills for 6th man of the year

Lebron over Davis? Tbf I haven’t watched a ton of lakers games but Davis stats look as good as lebrons plus Davis is the anchor of there defence.

Think it will be lakers and bucks battling for best record, voters probably don’t want to give it to Giannis again