2 most underrated NBA super stars


Jokic is superb leader, hitting them clutch shots left and right. Otherworldly passer and amazing underappreciated leader. Easily better than Embiid. And for me he is better than AD as leader and complete player. AD’s nice with Lebron but he wasint doing jack shit on Pels and while Nuggets are better team that team lives and dies with Jokic out there.

Jason Tatum is close or already top 10 NBA player, Celtics one of the best defensive teams out there. This dude can literally put :lock: on all 5 positions and ONLY getting better. Superb clutch as well.


The fact that Kawhi Leonard is not universally regarded as the best player on the planet puts him above anyone you will think of in any underrated list.

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Jokic a better complete player than AD?

You taking Jokic over AD?


It’s easy to play with Bron bro. He just has no leadership qualities AT ALL. These things count.

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I love Jokic, he is a top 10 player but AD > Jokic and it’s not even close.


Ben Simmons too he really needs to improve his jumpshoot
Siakam, Tatum, Lillard

It pains me to say it as a Laker fan but Tatum will be an elite two-way league superstar for the next decade, IMO. Fully capable of leading a team to a championship with the way he plays. Only other guys I’m comfortable to say that about at this point that haven’t done so yet are Luka and Giannis


I’d say jimmy butler is pretty underrated


LOL!! What about defense??

You’d rather have Jokic than AD on Rockets? No chance


Game is not just defense-offense lol. But if people wanna see that way i can’t fault them.

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Oh yeah, you’re right I forgot NBA has special teams also


There are things like leadership and etc.

Imo Bradley Beal is the most underarated player.
This year this guy puts 30points per game and had his team with PO options.


Maybe physically, and that’s just about jumping and running. One injury and that’s it, AD is done. What jokic has, it can be learned in the gym and inserted into the body with needles.

Sorry, what? :joy:

Embiid is a better scorer inside than Jokic, a way better defender, a better three point shooter and a slightly better rebounder.
Only thing Jokic has on Embiid is passing and vision.

Jokic better than AD? Again, AD is WAY better at everything not being passing than Jokic is.
Their defense, finishing and slashing are like night and day apart.
And AD isn’t even a bad passer at all, to be honest.

AD wasn’t doing anything in NO? He was doing the exact same things he does in LA, they just couldn’t win games because other than Jrue Holiday their best player was Julius Randle :joy:

For me the most underrated players in the league are AD, he’s an mvp candidate imo, and the best big in the league. And Bradley Beal, he gets mad disrespected, but he can score at will in any way and improved his playmaking a lot.

Also, I will name Duncan Robinson as well. This dude is one of the best snipers in the league at super high volumes

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Pels were dog shit and he has no leadership. Putting stats is aint it. KAT puts stats and that’s aint either. I am not comparing AD to KAT, but you get the picture. It’s easy to play with Bron.

Both are young.
If they play on this level multiple seasons and lead their team to wins in the playoffs they deserve better rating.

Paul George - MVP caliber if he wants to but he knows he ain’t winning anything if he’s the best dude in the team.

Jimmy Butler - a lot of people i know see jimmy as a typical above average starter but the dude is insta culture changer and can lead a team to an instant contention. He’s just not flashy and marketable, but he’s like a 10% off Kawhi that has personality and can lead a team.

It’s not the stats, it’s the things he did… He was dominating the high post, driving, catching lobs, dominating on defense EXACTLY as he’s doing in LA.

Ad’s game isn’t a surprise to people who watched him in NO, and I’d say he made LeBron look better a lot more than what LeBron made AD look better this year.

I think that’s what people dont put their finger on. Leadership. Bron has in spades. So does Jokic. Butler. Not so much AD.

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