2 Million MT for Sale (PS5)

$12 per 100k
$11/100k for 500k+
$10/100k for 1mm+
2 million+ to sell total

You will have to go first - smaller increments is fine. Paypal or Venmo.

Vouches from previous sales:

Huge vouch fast and easy responded fast thanks again !

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Bump. Have about 1 million MT left.

If you still got a mil left I’ll probably take it. Haven’t bought MT in a few years so forgive me for being dumb lol… Is it safe from getting banned by 2k? And how does it work, I post a card and you just place a bid?

I do have a million left but I won’t be in tonight.

I’m not 100% sure how safe it is…over the years I’ve never had problems doing it my way but I guess there’s no guarantees.

I typically buy Amy’s for 49950 each. So basically 20 Amy’s would be 1mm MT

This still cracking me up😂


Ok, message me when you’re available

Just got a million MT from em, super fast and super easy. Major vouch. Much appreciated!!!

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Another 450k MT on PS5 on sale. $50 for all.

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I’ll get it


VOUCH legitimate seller reliable service and top price on site

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PM me next time you have more in stock

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