2 Job Offers

Basically I left my job last week and now I’m in a spot to choose between 2 current job offers. I’m not here to neccesarily ask for help in picking one but just curious as to which sounds most appealing to you guys and why.

1st option: Delta Ramp Agent (flight benefits)

2nd option: Teachers Assistant working with autistic high school children. (Get off work at 3)

The Delta Ramp Agent because of the flight benefits


Yea that’s what I’m learning towards right now. Plus I’m getting finger printed for the DOE tmm so I can always go into that field later if I want down the line. My job up until last week was at jfk and I already kinda miss the atmosphere lol

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Pay difference? not that it really matters and I am not snooping, as whatever you want to do is more important than money but would be a nice fact to consider.

Option 2 might be more gratifying in the big picture


I was about to say the same thing. Fathers speaking.

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Yeah in the end it boils down to what motivates you more. Option 2 might be less fancy but as the guys said more gratifying. More time to play 2k myteam too haha.

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Whatever pays more, if not then teacher. I hate flying and airports are sketchy. Also, I think being a teacher will open up more opportunities in the future.

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Not sure how old you are but also depends on if your looking for a job you can build on and make a career out of

Money is the same

I’m 24, I know this sounds crazy af but I’ve been winging it most of my life and I’m always in the right place at the right time.

Lol getting off early is a big plus however I’m a night bird so I’d have to get used to going to bed by at least midnight

If both lay same then do the teacher. Less stress


^ teacher less stress. You’d probably get spring/fall/winter breaks along with the school too. Hopefully salary tho

You think that would be less stress? I was thinking the opposite, I might be dumb tho.

Lol I meant since he gets to get off early lol

Flight benefits >

Working with special needs youth is definitely more stressful. The intrinsic rewards would be great though

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Flight benefits if you’re a traveler

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Follow your heart and do what would most make you happy. I used to teach kids with cerbral palsy and it was really rewarding.

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I’m excited to do either. I have until Friday to decide so I’ll mull it over